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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones24Jay Bouwmeester2016-10-142017-05-25Success1/1 13 Artifacts
Coltron57Derian Hatcher2017-03-072017-05-24Success3/3 3 cards. Signed all 3 nicely in black. 
capyprice31Chris Pronger2017-05-022017-05-24Success4/4 sent 3 cards + 1 pic to get send, also sent 4 cards for donation // He personnalized all items + wrote 'sorry' on the pic of him and Justin Bieber at the all-star celebrity game 
tomassandy12Bill Barber2017-04-172017-05-23Success1/1 1 card// for pictures instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
peteylandClaude Lemieux2017-04-272017-05-23Success7/7 SASE, LOR signed and #'d all. Told he could keep some, but sent all back. 
galvamegaMilan Michalek2017-01-122017-05-23Success4/4  
ValleeMario Tremblay2017-05-082017-05-23Success1/1   
crbaughn62Jay Bouwmeester2015-08-032017-05-23Success2/2   
peteylandBrian Hayward2017-04-272017-05-23Success6/6 SASE, LOR signed all 
goblackhawks123Andrei Markov2017-01-262017-05-22Success1/1 Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
saluki2002Jay Bouwmeester2015-02-242017-05-22Success1/1   
delones24Rick Zombo2016-09-192017-05-22Success2/4  
MPrzzyHenrik Zetterberg2017-03-242017-05-22Success1/1 Signed in thin blue sharpie. Same card I sent. Great return from a great player 
CalebssportscardsRick Zombo2016-08-062017-05-22Success2/2 90-91 O'Pee-chee, gave him the option of keeping the duplicate// He signed both. 
nfonziJeremy Jacobs2017-05-142017-05-20Success1/0   
AG1181Pete Mahovlich2017-05-142017-05-20Success2/2 Sent LOR, SASE, two cards and $20; got them both back signed with blue Sharpie
AG1181Chris Kotsopoulos2017-05-142017-05-20Success1/1 87-88 OPC
AG1181Brian Propp2017-05-152017-05-20Success4/1 Very generous: sent 81-82 OPC, got that back + 90-91 Pro Set + 2 4x6 photo cards; he personalized all but one of the pieces (one of the photo cards); I'm thrilled!
Ryanmillerfan30Leon Draisaitl2017-05-012017-05-20Success1/1  
AG1181Tim Kerr2017-05-152017-05-20Success1/1 85-86 OPC PP Goal Leaders
galvamegaNazem Kadri2016-11-092017-05-19Success1/1  
ValleeMichel Goulet2017-05-012017-05-19Success2/1   
Baumans916Dave Barr2016-10-182017-05-19Success2/2 Sent 90-91 UD and 91-92 opc w SASE. 
goaliegod33Ed Johnston2017-04-202017-05-19Success2/2  
Ryanmillerfan30Kyle Palmieri2017-03-302017-05-19Success6/6  
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