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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Rafeiro24Patrik Laine2017-02-062017-09-25Success1/1 1 4x6 Signed in black! Awesome Return Thanks Mr. Laine!!!!!!!!! 
MPrzzyEddie Olczyk2017-01-202017-09-25Success2/2 I think it was this address. Both signed in blue. Really nice. I didn't really think these would come back 
Rafeiro24Johnny Bower2017-09-112017-09-25Success1/1 1 12-13 Certified Immortals Signed in Silver! Thanks Mr. Bower!!!! 
BoSoxFan4235Aleksander Barkov2017-01-302017-09-23Success1/0 Sent E-Mail. Received signed photo card 
delones24Jaromir Jagr2016-03-072017-09-23Success6/6  
QturbtchnGary Leeman2017-08-082017-09-22Success3/3 Signed 3 cards and answered my questions 
thekingof8Tom Draper2017-09-062017-09-22Success5/5   
Rafeiro24Guillaume Latendresse2017-05-152017-09-22Success1/1 1 12-13 Score Signed in black Thanks Mr. Latendresse!!! Have no idea on date sent 
JumpinJackSplashJared McIsaac2017-09-042017-09-22Success6/6 Great return here from a 17 yr old d man touted as a top 10 NHL Draft prospect for 2018. Sent 4 4 by 6 pics and 2 newspaper pic clip and told him to keep 1 clip but signed/sent all 6 , yeahhh SCF Nation rocks 
thekingof8Troy Loney2017-09-062017-09-22Success6/6   
thekingof8Wendell Young2017-09-212017-09-21Success5/5   
thekingof8Greg Johnson2017-09-092017-09-21Success4/4   
jimmyf21Craig Muni2017-08-122017-09-21Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
thekingof8Iain Fraser2017-09-062017-09-21Success5/5   
AG1181Joel Quenneville2017-05-142017-09-21Success2/2 Signed in black Sharpie 
thekingof8Jimmy Carson2017-09-062017-09-21Success5/5 Signed in Blue. All personalized. 
Rafeiro24Eddie Shack2017-09-112017-09-21Success1/1 Got my Picture back, Unsigned :( 
thekingof8Jock Callander2017-09-062017-09-21Success2/2   
shemer27Marian Stastny2017-08-302017-09-20Success1/1 Signed 4x6 
shemer27Clint Malarchuk2017-08-302017-09-20Success4/4 Signed all 4 cards, did not respond to questions. Thanks Clint! 
galvamegaJaromir Jagr2017-05-292017-09-20Success5/5  
peteylandJim Sandlak2017-09-042017-09-19Success4/4 SASE, LOR sent 4 cards - used black sharpie and added jersey number to each. 
airport1975Mats Sundin2017-05-282017-09-19Success2/3 From Sweden, with 'graphs: thanks Mats!!!! 
peteylandJeff Odgers2017-07-282017-09-19Success5/5 SASE, LOR sent 5 cards and signed them all with jersey number in black sharpie. 
peteylandGuy Herbert2017-08-262017-09-19Success5/5 SASE, LOR sent 5 cards. He used blue sharpie for 4 and silver for 1. added jersey number to all. 
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