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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Wyattket88Michel Goulet2017-07-172017-07-25Success1/1 He signed 1 12-13 Panini Classics Banner Numbers in blue sharpie 
goaliegod33Michel Goulet2017-07-142017-07-25Success3/3  
Wyattket88Alexei Yashin2017-07-172017-07-24Success2/2 He signed 1 06-07 Victory and 1 2002 Upper Deck in black sharpie 
Wyattket88Chris Pronger2017-07-172017-07-24Success2/2 He signed 1 10-11 Contenders and 1 10-11 SP Authentic in blue sharpie 
Cjohnson1221Patrick Roy2017-06-082017-07-24Success0/1 Sent postcard with real signature personalized. 
PortRadelaideAlexandre Daigle2017-06-202017-07-24Success4/4 Merci! 
peteylandBrent Johnson2017-06-192017-07-24Success5/5 SASE, LOR sent 5 cards, returned all 5 cards signed and with jersey number. 
jameswrjobe53Ken Morrow2017-07-152017-07-24Success2/2 inscribed as requested 
jameswrjobe53Nick Perbix2017-07-062017-07-22Success3/2 added a note 
MadKingslayerChris Pronger2017-07-042017-07-22Success2/2 personalized in blue sharpie. very fast return! 
zooiiksDave Keon2017-07-102017-07-22Success2/2 Signed both 8x10s! Now to send it off to Red Kelly! Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
nfonziCraig Anderson2017-07-102017-07-22Success1/1   
jameswrjobe53Jack Perbix2017-07-062017-07-22Success1/1 sent c/o brother 
jameswrjobe53Dave Keon2017-07-082017-07-21Success2/2 added HOF inscriptions as requested 
QturbtchnBrit Selby2017-06-152017-07-21Success1/1   
jameswrjobe53Jamie Langenbrunner2017-05-242017-07-21Success3/3   
jameswrjobe53Danton Cole2017-07-122017-07-21Success2/2   
jakeehrhardVancouver Canucks2017-06-312017-07-21Success1/0 Requested an autograph from any player and sent me a signed 7x5 
Johnmc83Bill Barber2017-06-262017-07-21Success2/2 Signed 2/2 nicely in blue sharpie in 25 days. Thank you! 
jameswrjobe53Nathan Schoenfeld2017-07-082017-07-21Success3/2 inscribed as requested and added a note 
jameswrjobe53Pat Peake2017-07-082017-07-21Success3/3 inscribed as requested 
jameswrjobe53Daniel Briere2017-04-082017-07-20Success4/5   
jameswrjobe53Harrison Browne2017-06-072017-07-20Success3/3 kept a card as offered, and wrote me a lengthy note 
MadKingslayerCraig Anderson2017-07-042017-07-20Success1/1 very fast return! 
jameswrjobe53Evgeni Malkin2017-05-102017-07-20Success1/3 kept the cards, signed my 8x10 
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