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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Ryanmillerfan30Ryan Martin2017-05-132017-05-19Success3/0 3 signed business cards from the Red Wings Assistant GM
shemer27Reggie Leach2017-05-012017-05-18Success2/2 Sent 2 Cards, SASE - Signed both! Thanks Mr. Leach! 
ValleeGuy Carbonneau2017-05-082017-05-18Success1/1   
Thepatman1985Dave Schultz2017-05-092017-05-18Success1/1 He signed my 8x10 photo for a $10 fee 
Tombrady123Mikko Koivu2016-05-142017-05-18Success2/2   
galvamegaMike Craig2016-12-162017-05-18Success3/4  
wildestdreams3Mikko Koivu2016-10-152017-05-18Success2/2 Signed my 8 x 10 and canvas card...Kiitos paljon, Mikko! 
xeroxttmJordan Staal2017-04-192017-05-17Success1/1 Fast return! Thank you Mr. Staal! 
jimmyf21Joe Mullen2017-03-212017-05-17Success3/3 mailed 3 cards and sase - received 3 cards signed in blue 
Rafeiro24Marian Stastny2017-05-302017-05-17Success1/1 1 4x6 Personalized thanks Mr. Stastny!!! awesome signature! 
goaliegod33Bob Baun2017-05-032017-05-16Success3/3  
KdsigginsMark Scheifele2016-12-202017-05-16Success1/2   
galvamegaTroy Loney2017-04-262017-05-16Success5/5  
jwongnyyJohn Tavares2015-10-022017-05-16Success2/2 2 4x6; forgot when I got back, 2 signed 
totalnvMartin Biron2016-12-162017-05-16Success1/1 SASE, LOR, 1 trading card - signed card in blue sharpie
ValleeGilbert Delorme2017-05-032017-05-16Success2/1   
delones24Jason Pominville2016-10-182017-05-15Success1/1  
peteylandAntoine Bibeau2017-03-202017-05-15Success2/2 SASE, LOR signed and numbered both 
nfonziChris Osgood2017-05-042017-05-15Success1/1 Signed item I sent in Blue Sharpie! 
diback34Jason Pominville2016-10-112017-05-15Success2/2 Sending a black diamond and MVP base card... The black diamond card needed to be prepped, but both came out good 
PG-53Don Cherry2017-03-222017-05-15Success3/1 Sent 1 Topps card that he signed. He also included 2 of his own.
ValleeAlain Cote2017-05-012017-05-15Success1/1   
peteylandMichel Goulet2017-04-272017-05-15Success8/8 SASE, LOR, signed and numbered all 
blinksboy576Rob Ray2017-05-102017-05-15Success1/1 Got it back quick, great signature 
Chisox35Jason Pominville2016-11-102017-05-15Success1/1   
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