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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
druce26Nicklas Lidstrom2017-08-212017-09-10Success4/4   
tomassandy12Rogatien Vachon2017-07-212017-09-10Success3/3 3 cards/ for pics frillier my instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
tomassandy12Eddie Giacomin2017-08-142017-09-10Success2/2 2 cards/ for pics follows my Instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
jimmyf21Jeff Lazaro2017-08-102017-09-09Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
goblackhawks123Scott Hannan2017-06-142017-09-08Success1/1 Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in black sharpie. 
jimmyf21Uwe Krupp2017-08-122017-09-08Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
jimmyf21Robert Cimetta2017-08-102017-09-08Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in blue 
galvamegaMartin Gelinas2013-05-312017-09-08Success2/2  
peteylandTim Kerr2017-08-212017-09-08Success6/6 SASE, LOR sent 6 cards and told him to keep some or donate some. He signed all in blue ink. 
graeme45Dale Hawerchuk2016-12-102017-09-07Success3/3   
PorkCards67Adam Henrique2017-08-072017-09-07Success1/1 Signed my 16-17 upper deck 
typierre75Martin Gelinas2013-03-212017-09-06Success4/2 3 years and a half, I thought no more, he added 2 photos sign wowwwww 
peteylandStephan Lebeau2017-08-042017-09-06Success4/3 SASE, LOR sent 3 cards, signed them and added jersey number to each in black sharpie. Included a personalized picture postcard as well. 
peteylandDimitri Khristich2017-08-042017-09-06Success5/5 Self addressed envelope with #3.00 for return postage, LOR, sent 5 cards he autographed all in black sharpie 
QturbtchnAdam Henrique2017-08-162017-09-05Success1/1   
bdmorrMichel Goulet2017-08-142017-09-05Success2/2 '91 oPee Chee & '03 Parkhurst signed in black sharpie 
QturbtchnDale Hawerchuk2017-07-272017-09-05Success1/1   
diback34Theoren Fleury2017-07-142017-09-02Success1/1 Sent a 91 season leaders card already signed by Marty mcsorley. Signed in blue.. Very happy to finish this project card 
diback34Guy Lafleur2017-08-162017-09-02Success1/1 sending a 15-16 fleer showcase base card... Signed in blue, beautiful autograph 
typierre75Mike Bossy2017-03-032017-09-02Success3/3 2 x very nice autogragh 8x10 ! + 1 number personalised ! thx mike ! 
Wyattket88Mike Hartman2017-06-262017-09-02Success1/1 He signed 1 91-92 Topps in black 
jimmyf21Andy Brickley2017-08-102017-09-02Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
jimmyf21Mike Hartman2017-08-122017-09-01Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in blue 
BaldonesWayne Gretzky2017-07-032017-08-31Success2/2 Sent two oiler away jerseys Signed both jerseys but the two signatures are lil different? No Autopen. Live signatures 
totalnvBobby Holik2016-12-122017-08-31Success2/2 SASE, LOR, 2 trading cards - signed both cards in black sharpie
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