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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
cy youngKirk Hinrich2014-01-062016-08-05Success2/2 i really hope he signs them. Long wait but both signed with nice auto 
DonhutsonCraig Ehlo2016-07-292016-08-05Success1/1 Sent LOR, SASE, questions and 1 card. signed card and answered questions 
goldenballerBob Cousy2016-07-222016-08-05Success1/3 personalized and only signed 1 card but returned other two unsigned. Ty Mr. Cousy! 
CalebssportscardsJohn McCarthy2016-06-042016-08-05Success2/1 Index Card 
delones24Kirk Hinrich2012-12-052016-08-05Success2/2 06 Topps, 12 Prestige
crbaughn62Mike Dunleavy Sr.2016-05-142016-08-04Success2/2   
mykoinageDel Harris2016-07-232016-08-04Success2/1 Signed my 96-97 Hoops card and added in a signed/personalized oversized custom card as a (much appreciated) bonus 
tbeauDave Cowens2016-07-202016-08-03Success1/1 Signed my 11x14 SI Cover with provided blue sharpie 
bigbenjobuFelton Spencer2016-04-132016-08-02Success2/2 Signed both cards. I think he sent one different one back though. I can't remember
mykoinageBill Fitch2016-07-232016-08-02Success1/1 Sharpie was a little dull on the front, so it looks like he tested a new one on the back before signing and personalizing the back of the card. Definitely appreciate that he cared enough to do that. Card looks great 
DonhutsonJerry Sloan2016-07-152016-08-02Success1/1 Sent LOR, questions, and 1 card. Signed card 
mykoinageDerrick McKey2016-07-232016-08-01Success2/2 Sent two cards: 1 sonics and 1 pacers. Both signed in a good black sharpie on the lightest areas of the card. Thanks Derrick! 
Lewandowski9Kermit Davis2016-07-262016-08-01Success1/0 Signed in nice blue sharpie and personalized 8x10 
DonhutsonDel Harris2016-07-152016-08-01Success1/1 Sent LOR, questions and 1 card. forgot to send Sase so he asked to send it next time. Card sigend and questions answered. 
WilyWestbrook0Wesley Johnson2016-01-012016-08-01Success1/1 Sent friendly letter and 15-16 Prizm base, early 2016. Rcv'd back successful auto of that card, August 2016. 
Lewandowski9Steve Prohm2016-07-272016-08-01Success1/0 Signed and personalized 8x10 
baseball24Greg McDermott2016-07-262016-08-01Success1/0 Received a nice autographed photo. 
Lewandowski9Steve Prohm2009-07-272016-08-01Success1/0 Signed and personalized 8x10 
baseball24Phil Martelli2016-07-262016-08-01Success1/0 Received a nice autographed photo. 
baseball24Kermit Davis2016-07-262016-08-01Success1/0 Received a nice autographed photo. 
Lewandowski9Dave Pilipovich2016-07-272016-07-30Success1/0 Sent an email. Got it nicely 3 days later, but auto a bit faded. Thanks Mr Pilipovich. Gonna go great in the College coach PC. 
mazefan72Oscar Robertson2016-07-172016-07-30Success1/3 Signed a Panini Elite " Big O", returned the other two cards unsigned.. TY! 
baseball24Shaka Smart2016-07-262016-07-30Success1/0 Received a nice autographed photo. Awesome! 
TalleyHog34Oscar Robertson2016-07-182016-07-30Success1/1 Sent card, LOR, and SASE. Killer success from the big o! 
DrawballRick Carlisle2016-07-072016-07-29Success1/1 Sent one blank card // Received different index card signed 
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