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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Wyattket88Alex Delvecchio2017-10-112017-10-17Success1/1 He signed 1 2002 Topps Archives in blue with the 1977 HOF inscription 
Darth MenaceBryan Trottier2017-09-142017-10-17Success1/1 Sent a 8x10 with SASE. Received back signed
JumpinJackSplashNick Suzuki2017-09-272017-10-17Success4/4 a great one here from Vegas Golden knight 2nd draft pick, sent 4 4 by 6 and signed em all, high fives SCF nation 
QturbtchnDave Keon2017-10-012017-10-17Success2/2 Signed two 5 X 7's in blue nicely 
kitcheadWendel Clark2017-09-202017-10-16Success2/2   
thekingof8Dana Murzyn2017-09-262017-10-16Success4/4   
YangtheBullBrent Sutter2017-10-102017-10-16Success1/1 Sent 1 card for signing. Promptly returned! 
dawgbizkit83Bryan Trottier2017-10-102017-10-16Success1/1 card, signed with blue sharpie 
Pkerns86Linus Ullmark2017-09-052017-10-15Success1/1   
MPrzzyMichal Rozsival2017-03-132017-10-14Success2/2 Nice return. Both signed in black 
peteylandPhil Bourque2017-09-212017-10-13Success3/3 SASE, LOR sent 3 cards all returned signed in black sharpie 
peteylandTomas Vokoun2017-08-212017-10-13Success5/5 SASE, LOR signed all in black sharpie 
MPrzzyManny Legace2017-10-022017-10-13Success4/4 Great return. All signed in blue 
peteylandJacques Cloutier2017-07-282017-10-13Success5/5 SASE, LOR signed all in blue sharpie 
peteylandClint Malarchuk2017-09-212017-10-13Success4/4 SASE, LOR signed in fine blue sharpie 
thekingof8Robb Stauber2017-09-062017-10-13Success4/4   
tomassandy12Tomáš Hertl2017-04-242017-10-13Success3/3 3 cards/for pictures follow my Instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
peteylandBill Guerin2017-09-212017-10-13Success4/4 SASE, LOR signed all cards in blue sharpie 
peteylandAndrew Brunette2017-09-212017-10-13Success8/8 SASE, LOR sent 8 cards - signed all in black sharpie 
peteylandJannik Hansen2017-08-012017-10-13Success3/1 SASE, LOR sent 1 card - received back signed in blue sharpie along with 2 team postcards signed. 
Darth MenaceEddie Giacomin2017-09-142017-10-13Success1/1 Sent a 8x10 with SASE. Sent it back signed
peteylandDarius Kasparaitis2017-08-262017-10-13Success6/6 SASE, LOR signed all cards in blue sharpie 
galvamegaDarius Kasparaitis2017-04-052017-10-12Success4/4  
shemer27Bill Guerin2017-08-302017-10-11Success2/4   
Reynolds2119Sean Monahan2017-09-302017-10-11Success5/5   
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