SCF Through The Mail Manager
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- This TTM Manager allows members to look up addresses to acquire autographs through the mail or submit address to the TTM database.

- Only SCF members can add new players, addresses, enter their submissions and report back on successes or failures.

- The My TTM Reports page lets you track all your entries, view all your results and find which ones are pending.

- Members can keep track of the percentage of successes per address, player and member.

- Members can browse by sport or search by player name or sport.

- Teams are listed as well so members can submit fan pack requests.

Through the Mail Autograph Database Tutorials
  • Searching/Browsing the TTM Database

  • Adding to the TTM Database

  • DISCLAIMER - The addresses and success entries contained within the TTM Database are added by individual members and SCF does not guarantee their authenticity. Celebrity addresses and signing habits do change and you should never send items or cash that you are willing to not receive back as the celebrity is under no obligation to return anything you mail to them.

    Should your name appear in the database and you would like it removed please use the Contact Us link at the bottom of the page and select Address Removal from TTM Manager to alert the SCF staff. Please allow 24-48 hours for removal.

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