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Joe Pavelski      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 94%

Joe Pavelski
c/o San Jose Sharks
525 W. Santa Clara Street
San Jose, CA 95113

Address success percentage: 94 %
Added by:Marshall658   Added on:   2011-10-04
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
totalnv2016-11-07 Pending0/1SASE, LOR, 4x6 photo card 
althib2015-12-172016-11-15Failure0/1Almost a full year and still no reply. I always write my return address on my envelope and include a SASE. 
Auto Collector2015-10-12 Pending0/22 cards 
Mogilny892014-06-18 Pending0/11 2013 black diamond 
bryson1202014-04-062015-04-27Success2/2YAY took forever but two pretty legit upper decks were sent back signed in blue!!!! SEEMS LEGIT!!! 
dunkanarchy2014-03-102015-04-27Success2/2Took over a year, but very happy to get my cards back signed! Was very surprised to see these come back 
cubbies4ever2014-02-052015-04-27Success1/14x7 Photo from fan pack, Signed in Blue Ink #8, 446 Days
delones242013-12-262015-04-27Success1/107 UD MVP
joev882013-02-132013-06-17Success1/1sent out a custom made 2010 olympics card 
delones242013-01-092013-06-18Success1/109 Ultra
Blargh2012-02-242012-06-12Success2/3Kept a card. Signed 10 Donruss and a team card
parkjimi2011-12-292012-01-14Success3/3Signed cards! Quick turnaround, signed thin black sharpie 
bigsportsfan12011-12-102012-03-08Success2/2Signed 2 cards, thanks Joe! 
KY_Wolverine2011-10-222011-11-07Success1/1Nice thin blue Sharpie signature. Quick return too!
Marshall6582011-09-012011-10-04Success1/1Signed my 11-12 Victory card 
Joe Pavelski
c/o San Jose Sharks
1486 Hicks Ave.
San Jose, CA 95125-3821

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Home addy
Added by:ovechkin8   Added on:   2012-04-05
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
      No report!

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