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Tony Esposito      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 36%

Tony Esposito
418 55th Ave.
St. Petersburg, FL 33706

Address success percentage: 36 %
Added by:ovechkin8   Added on:   2012-03-10
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Ryanmillerfan302015-01-102015-01-31Failure0/6Returned in SASE unsigned along with money. Second failure but this time returned my money. Esposito doesn't like me Lol. My friend has got him twice. once without money and once with money 
garyjr332014-10-142014-10-23Failure0/2Sent two of the same card. Told to keep one. Sent both back with letter and no reply and not signed. Disrespectful IMO. 
dcvdoes2014-07-212014-08-25Success3/3dont actually remember when i got it back 
NotLou2014-01-212014-01-29Failure1/0Not surprised here. 
Robextend2014-01-212014-02-01Failure0/11978 Topps/Returned card unsigned. 
dcvdoes2014-01-042014-01-13Success2/1signed card and added his own signed pic nt preprint. best return ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Ryanmillerfan302013-12-262014-01-04Failure0/1Returned unsigned took my dollar 
antoine382013-03-052013-03-13Failure0/1Returned Single Card in my SASE. Too bad he is so quick to not sign for real fans 
Oak2012-11-012015-01-14Failure0/3Included $20 Cheque 
comfortably9numb2012-05-302012-06-08Failure0/1returned card unsigned 
RJB0292012-04-102012-05-01Failure3/3Mailed 3 similar Pro Set trading cards to the H.H.O.F. in Toronto. All 3 cards were returned unsigned with no reason. 
dawgbizkit832011-04-252011-05-02Success2/1$20, McFarlane base and Tony added his autoed 5x7 card 
dawgbizkit832011-03-042011-03-14Success2/1$20, sent 4x6 custom photo, came back with tony's own 5x7 signed photo 

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