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Don Cherry      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Don Cherry
C/O HNIC CBC Toronto
PO Box 500 Station A 5H100
Toronto, Ontario M5W1E6

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-19
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Darth Menace2017-09-13 Pending0/1Sent a 8x10 with SASE 
PG-532017-03-222017-05-15Success3/1Sent 1 Topps card that he signed. He also included 2 of his own.
tomassandy122017-02-122017-03-20Success3/1Sent a LOR, SASE and an 8x10// Received 3 signed 8x10s all personalized in silver. great success!!! 
Rafeiro242017-02-062017-03-10Success2/22 4x6s one signed, Included 1 of his own Thanks Mr.Cherry!!! Not certain of date sent 
johnrichard952017-01-272017-03-03Success3/2Sent two 4 x 6 photos, received one of them signed and he added two personalized 5 x 8 photos ! Thanks alot Mr. Cherry! 
MPrzzy2017-01-202017-02-13Success3/1Signed my card in black, and signed his photos with silver. Personalized all 3. Nice return 
peteyland2017-01-032017-01-20Success3/0sent letter requesting an autograph - He sent 3 of his own back all personalized 
totalnv2016-12-202017-01-17Success5/2SASE, LOR, Canada logo puck, 5x7 photo - Grapes is awesome. Signed/personalized my puck (front and back!), signed/personalized the photo I sent, PLUS he added 3 more signed and personalized photos!
bigbenjobu2016-06-132016-07-11Success3/1Signed my Topps first pitch card, answered my questions, and added a signed photo
Spoonercards2016-05-192016-07-08Pending4/2One card and one 4x6 sent. Both signed beautifuly with silver sharpie and added two of his own! Thanks Mr. Cherry! 
YYCauddie2016-03-11 Pending0/1  
Barbashev2016-02-182016-03-11Success6/4Thanks Mr Cherry!!!!!!!!!! 
HockeyCards302016-01-302016-02-25Success6/33 4x6's 
cdnrockstar2016-01-252016-02-22Success4/2sent 2 cards, received them back personalized and with 2 large additional cards from Mr.Cherry 
cheeversfan2016-01-252016-03-05Success7/3Great return! added lots of extra pics but kept one of my 8x10s but great auto as always. 
denvotz2015-11-102015-11-30Success3/1added 2 extra photos 
thefridge2015-10-042015-11-04Success3/2sent photo with Josh Donaldson and Parkhurst card. Received both signed in silver sharpie with requested inscription and received an extra photo. 
kactusjakk2015-07-212015-08-30Success8/33 pictures, LOR, SAE and $ for Canadian postage - signed/personalized all of them and included 5 of his own! 
casinojunkie132015-06-012015-06-24Success2/1Great Return and Quick Plus Don added a photo of his own 
Qturbtchn2015-02-192015-04-07Success3/1Signed and Personalized the photo i sent plus sent a signed photo of him with Ron Maclean . Also included an individual signed Ron Maclean photo. Thank you Mr Cherry 
kcharlie2015-02-122015-04-17Success4/1Added 3 more pics, all signed with kind dedication. Thank you, Mr. Cherry :) 
gunners2014-12-15 Pending0/1  
leaffan2014-11-092014-12-01Success9/2great return--extra items-- personalized three 
aholick2014-09-012014-10-20Success14/7Don is the man! Signed everything, personalized messages and sent back another 5 photos. Even got Ron to sign one with him. 
RheaumeForever2014-07-102014-08-05Success3/1Received the card back signed as well as 2 extra pictures all inscribed to me. Thanks Mr. Cherry! 
Coltron572014-03-122014-04-28Success3/22 4x6 photos. Signed both photos in silver, and added an advertisement for his bar/grill. 
JJCanucks882014-01-132014-02-12Success2/1signed the card I sent and also sent a small photo (both personalized). Thanks a Bunch Mr. Cherry 
dacrazysportsfan2013-12-252014-02-13Success4/3Personalized Everything and included 1 extra autograph 
DnJcards2013-11-232013-12-24Success3/3Used a horible pen, can barely see the autograph, success nonetheless 
Oak2013-11-152013-12-27Success1/1McFarlane Base 
hockeyfan2212013-11-042013-12-17Success4/1Great success! Returned a custom card and included of his own photos, personalized. 
jetsfan192013-08-262013-10-02Success6/1AMAZING SUCCESS!!!!!!! Don sent back my signed card, a note, 4 other signed pics, in an different envelope that I sent and sent back my SASE 
jetsfan192013-08-262013-12-26Pending0/2invalid don' t know how delete this post 
typierre752013-03-122013-04-02Success7/4I send 4 beautiful photos to sign it personalized and add 3 other large photos 
dawgbizkit832013-01-232013-03-17Success3/1McFarlane Base, had to fill out customs form, added 2 of his cards signed and personalized 
cheeversfan2012-11-252013-02-26Success6/3Signed all 3 of my items plus sent 3 more photos all personalized. Don is the best!!! 
Flyersfanadam2012-11-222013-01-21Success5/2Sent one Card,and one 4x6 
edmoiler132012-11-062012-12-08Success4/2signed both 8x10's plus sent me two 5x7's signed. everything personalized. Thanks Don 
tonyt19572012-09-302012-11-05Success1/1singed my topps card an sent a 5x7 both to tony in silver thanks don 
BigDaddy1322012-09-292012-11-05Success3/1Mr. Cherry signed my 8x10, signed and sent his own 8x10 and his own 4x6, all personalized to me..Thanks, Grapes! My favorite TTM autograph ever! 
CubsPackersOilers2012-09-202012-10-14Success7/4Mr. Cherry, Grapes, signed my photos, and included three other pictures in a different envelope. My first and an awesome success for any hockey fan! 
pviens19792012-08-302012-09-24Success4/1sign my card and add 3 5x7 picture 
antoine382012-08-302012-09-20Success3/1Signed card added two signed photos, Excellent!
Leines2012-07-302012-08-29Success4/0Sent request for signed picture for son.. letter included note my grandpa loved him but hated bruins.. sent 2 for son..1 for me and a GO BRUINS inscribed one for my grandpa.. Much love to a hockey great. 
Jaysfan112012-07-182012-08-13Success2/0Recieved 2 personalized items 
ProWolf2012-06-162012-07-19Success1/1Always signs but always sends all items personalized. Don't send if you don't want a personalized autograph. 
Bidchka2012-06-082012-07-06Success4/1Thank you Mr. Cherry. Even added 3 signed photos.
mart21112012-05-292012-06-28Success2/1Nice return but personalized 
joebroaol2012-04-272012-05-07Success3/1personalized really appriciate thanks don 
joebroaol2012-04-19 Pending0/1  
ovechkin82012-02-262012-04-03Success2/1Kept the card signed a photo.😊 personalized. 
grahamgill314502011-11-032011-12-21Success4/4Blue and Mr. Cherry both signed 3/3 photos, kept book plate but sent an extra signed book mark. 
Blargh2011-10-012011-12-12Success4/2A must have TTM. More pics
goleafsgo72011-08-092011-08-31Success5/2Cherry signed my custom card and photo and also included 3 extra photos of his own. Thanks Don! 
goesonclear2011-06-282011-08-03Success5/1Don signed my custom card and took the time to respond to my letter. He also sent a few signed extras.
tesla932011-05-182011-07-26Success4/22 cards that I sent plus 2 postcard all personalized to me. Thanks Don 
cheeversfan2011-04-142011-06-11Success3/3Sent MCF Base and 2 cards, came back signed as well as 2 pics. Thanks Don! 
gijoe_92011-03-022011-03-21Success3/1Signed my card and personalized two postcards 
Oak2011-02-212011-03-22Success3/1Sent 1 card, got it back with 2 personalized postcards too! =) 
blkdodge2010-10-162010-11-08Success3/1Signed Mcfarlane base added two of his own cards signed. 
JBobak2010-06-042010-07-13Success4/1Received my 8x10 signed and personalized along with 3 cards from Mr. Cherry also signed and personalized 
grandmastablank2010-05-312010-07-13Success3/1Personalized my 8x10, and personalized 2 extra postcards of his own! Don Cherry is the man! 
Atom Ryder2009-12-162010-01-14Success5/2Signed my 2 custom 4X6 and added 3 photos to my name and short messages in french ! Thank you Don ! 
MasonRaymond03202009-12-092010-01-04Success0/3I sent 3 lined index cards. He sent 4 signed post cards. With a little personalization! Thanks Don! 
jerseyman19922009-11-022009-11-19Success4/2Also sent 2 postcards. Thanks Don!
blkdodge2009-10-292009-12-04Success5/1Signed my 8x10, included 4 signed postcards and a letter answering my question. Very generous of Mr Cherry 
DaveS2009-05-112009-07-14Success5/3added 2 signed photocards
blkdodge2009-03-262009-05-25Success2/1Signed my 8x10 sent 5x7 also

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