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Mike Eruzione      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Mike Eruzione
1 Sherborn St
Boston, MA 02215

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-19
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
mnnatural2017-01-172017-01-30Success1/1recieved 5x7 signed 
MPrzzy2017-01-142017-01-25Success3/3Signed all 3 cards in blue. I asked for 80 gold and he put it. Nice return 
zmonell82016-09-282016-10-08Success2/0Sent a LOR and Email for a photo signed. The email one had his name and 80 Gold. The LOR said "Zach, Best Wishes, Mike Eruzione 80 Gold Miracle on Ice" 
Philly4Life2016-01-212016-01-29Success1/1Sent USA puck, LOR, SASE and asked for 1980 Gold inscription. Looks great with 1980 Gold inscription as asked! 
zachmorris2015-08-042015-08-19Success1/1Sent 8x10 and a LOR with some questions. He signed with "80 Gold" and answered the questions! Pretty awesome to open the mailbox and find out that you got mail from Mike Eruzione! Thanks Rizzo! 
Hobey212015-07-282015-08-10Success1/1Signed a 4x6! Great Success from a Great Player! Thank you Mr. Eruzione! 13 Days!!! 
rchurchward2015-06-192015-07-01Success1/1Sent original 11x14 pop art painting of USA logo painting. Signed beautifully in gold paint pen. Sending to Jim Craig next. 
CurseReversed042015-05-182015-06-01Success1/116x20 already signed by Jim Craig -- Eruzione Inscribed 80 Gold 
BLawson872015-03-262015-04-07Success1/1Sent 1 puck; returned signed and personalized 
kactusjakk2015-02-042015-02-16Success1/1Sent jersey, sharpie, LOR and SASE... - returned signed with multiple inscriptions! 
turbo49er2014-12-052014-12-19Success1/1Received my signed 8x10 back in the mail today! Great return! Inscribed with 80 Gold! Only took 2 weeks!! Awesome! Thank you Mike! 
KirkwoodOrange2014-10-312014-11-10Success2/22 signed Miracle on Ice Cards...................USA, USA, USA.......made my day! 
garyjr332014-10-212014-11-07Success2/2two cards signed in thick black sharpie with 80 gold inscription as requested. 
Rappy8882014-10-112014-10-23Success2/2Signed in black sharpie 
gopherz222014-09-162014-10-02Success2/2Got 8X10 & USA puck back both signed. Thanks a lot Mike. 
Schuler7572014-09-102014-09-22Success1/1Signed Olympic Heroes M&M Card, USA USA! 
letsgowbspens2014-09-092014-09-22Success2/2both with 80 gold wrote on them 
alf76242014-09-022014-09-10Success1/1Sending Team USA Puck, LOR & Gold Sharpie marker. Got signed puck back. Super fast return. Thank You Mr. Eruzione!! 
DnJcards2014-07-242014-08-08Success3/22 customs & an 8x10 
dawgbizkit832014-03-312014-04-12Success2/2(2) 1980 Gold Set cards, signed both with blue sharpie 
RealBrianD2014-02-112014-02-22Success0/1Received today, signed in silver, inscribed "Brian Best Wishes" and his classic signature n "80 Gold".. THANK YOU!!Sent LOR, hockey puck, and a silver Sharpie...Will update. He emailed me n said he would sign anything I sent him (making a display for him) 
bball15fan2014-02-06 Pending0/28x10s 
kactusjakk2014-01-242014-02-03Success0/2Sent 2 IC - sent back in SASE with 1980 inscribed! Awesome! 
bball15fan2013-10-092013-10-26Success1/111x14 team picture 
antdag32013-09-272013-10-09Success2/2Awesome success! Signed my Miracle DVD cover & an 8x10...both with '80 Gold' inscription and sent back quickly!!
Gibber992013-09-062013-09-13Success2/2Sent 2 1980 Olympic 8x10 / signed both with "80 Gold" inscribed. Huge success!!! 
phillies fan2013-04-182013-04-29Success1/1sent photo. received photo signed and personalized. Nice success! 
LcpINC2013-03-262013-04-05Success2/2Signed two 'Miracle on Ice' cards. Do you believe in Miracles!
maxzemke242012-12-192013-01-05Success3/14x6 and 2 IC's 
Mike Eruzione
n/a, n/a n/a

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:DaveS   Added on:   2009-06-02
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Jkorr420842017-01-302017-02-17Success1/1Sent Email 
zooiiks2017-01-302017-02-27Success1/0Received signed 5x7. Sent email
antmazzuca82017-01-28 Pending0/0sent LOR requesting signed photo 
BoSoxFan42352017-01-252017-01-27Success1/0Sent E-Mail. Recieved signed photo 
skinsfan8322017-01-202017-01-30Success1/0Emailed and received one signed 5x7 with 80 Gold inscription, thank you Mr. Eruzione! 
patrick342016-12-202017-01-02Success1/0sent email got back same photo as everyone else 
totalnv2016-12-032016-12-09Success1/0sent 5x7 photo signed in silver sharpie with '80 Gold' inscription
wildestdreams32016-10-142016-10-29Success1/0Sent request to above email address; thank you so much, Mr. Eruzione!!! 
fish022016-07-23 Pending0/0Sent email request 
big88fan2016-07-232016-07-30Success1/0Requested by email. Got a 4x6 signed beautifly in silver 
CarolinaGraphs2016-06-032016-06-11Success1/0Sent E-Mail Request and received photo signed in gold. 
PJsDad2016-01-282016-01-28Success0/0Emailed Mr. Eruzione asking him if I could mail him a couple of items to be signed for my son and to which address. He replied with the address he prefers.
football-only2016-01-152016-01-26Success1/0signed 5x7 
bickel842016-01-062016-01-25Success1/0Sent email request...Received signed photo and inscribed with 80 Gold 
mazefan722015-09-082015-09-21Success1/0Email success....Signed 5x7 Inscribed "80 Gold" TY!! 
Ebys232015-08-302015-09-10Success1/0signed 5x7 
dunkanarchy2015-08-222015-09-01Success1/0Sent email, received photo signed in Gold. Thanks Mr. Eruzione! 
Lapo00132015-08-052015-08-12Success1/0Week turnaround, cool to add sports/historical piece to collection 
jkflemm2015-07-272015-07-31Success1/0received autographed 5x7 
Garnier142015-07-272015-08-12Success1/0torch carrying picture, 1980 gold inscribed 
bigbenjobu2015-07-272015-08-04Success1/0Sent an e-mail and received a 5 x 7 signed in gold with '80 Gold inscription
Calebssportscards2014-10-07 Pending0/0  
teetime3542014-10-032014-10-07Success1/0Sent email request. Received one USA - Russia photo signed in black sharpie 
primetime272014-09-222016-01-01Pending0/001 01 16 Sent another request. 01 10 17 Sent another request. 
sorenscollection2014-09-202014-11-10Success1/0Autographed 5"x7" card with "1980 gold" 
Foss322014-09-032014-10-06Success1/0sent picture with Olympic inscription 
NorCalCards2014-08-31 Pending0/0Sent e-mail Autograph Request!! 
gopherz222014-08-152014-08-26Success1/0Got signed 5x7 in the mail today signed in Gold. Quick turnaround. Thanks Mike. 
Nygiants422014-08-072014-08-25Success2/0Awesome thanks!! 
RheaumeForever2014-07-182014-07-28Success1/0Signed 4x6, corner slightly bent but still an awesome return! Thanks Mr. Eruzione 
Hamyjunior2014-05-282014-06-04Success1/0what the heck! Got the 5x7 signed photo signed in Gold! Pretty awesome 
jaredadam19782014-04-232014-04-26Success1/0signed 4x6 inscripted "80 Gold" 
goblackhawks1232014-03-242014-03-31Success1/0Recieved autographed photo 
chitownautos2014-03-122014-03-21Success1/05x7 Autographed Photo (Inscription: '80 Gold')...9 Days 
lautnerfied2014-02-222014-03-11Success1/0Recieved Pic with 80 Gold, 5x7 
RealBrianD2014-01-212014-01-31Success1/0Sent email request. Got back today, signed in Silver, inscribed "Gold '80" THANK YOU MR ERUZIONE 
JJCanucks882014-01-202014-02-13Success1/0Thank you so much My. Eruzione. Sent a signed picture with 80 gold enscripton. I sent a nice note via e-mail but didn't expect to get anything back living in Canada. Mr. Eruzione is a class act. Thank you so much 
TurgeonFan771322014-01-062014-01-18Success1/1Sent an email request, received an autographed photo. 
teetime3542013-12-102013-12-12Pending2/0Second email request within a week. Received signed (black sharpie) Wheaties cereal box cover, 1980 Gold Medal Winning team edition and signed (blue sharpie) glossy 8x10 of game-winning goal against Russia. Super fast turnaround. 
teetime3542013-12-042013-12-09Success2/0Sent email. Received signed Wheaties cereal box cover, 1980 Gold Medal Winning team edition and photo of game-winning goal against Russia. Both signed in blue sharpie. Fast turnaround. They both appear to be real. 
cubbies4ever2013-10-292013-11-01Success1/0Sent email request, received 4x6 Signed Photo in Silver added 80 Gold
block1002013-10-182013-10-24Success1/0got a 5x7 signed photo- 1980 inscription 
freezeover982013-10-142013-10-28Success1/05x7 photo. inscribed "80 gold" 
Rgreen06252013-10-012013-10-17Success0/0Sent request/Received autographed picture. Thanks Mr. Eruzione! 
primetime272013-08-242013-09-20Success1/0Receivef signed color 5 x 7 picture in gold marker with 80 gold inscription. 
Nyislanders912013-08-212013-08-30Success1/0Auto in Gold, Very Fast Sucess 
policeradio5562013-08-192013-08-28Success1/05x7 Signed in Gold... First email success... Kinda happy! 
canuck772013-08-072013-08-15Pending0/05x7 signed in gold with inscription '80 Gold 
CO Rockies Fan2013-08-062013-08-19Success1/0Sent email hope I get something back! // Got back signed photo. Inscribed 80 Gold! Awesome! 
walker0662013-08-042013-08-15Success1/0Not sure of sent date, but got the 5 x7 in Gold marker. Sweet! 
yugiohlovernick2013-07-282013-08-06Success1/0Sent Email And Got A Signed 5x7 Inscribed 80 Gold Signed In Gold Marker 
RealBrianD2013-07-032013-07-11Success1/0Sent request via email... Got back 5x7 signed in gold, inscribed '80 Gold USA...thank you Mr. Eruzione!!! 
mrwoodland2013-06-072013-06-27Success1/0looks like he used an off brand pen but still awesome looking 
Eyoung112013-03-132013-03-18Success1/0Signed in Silver Sharpie with 80 gold 
dsolzman2013-02-172013-03-09Success1/0received a signed 5x7 inscribed 80 Gold 
ce99dj882013-02-022013-02-15Success0/0sent email requesting signed photo, wow amazing success signed in silver ink! 
bryson1202013-01-062013-01-10Success1/0SO FAST~!!!!!!! 
worldseries942012-09-222012-10-01Success1/05x7, Inscribed 80 GOLD 
antoine382012-09-082012-09-15Success1/0Signed Small Photo in Silver, Very Nice
louiepalouie2012-09-042012-09-07Success1/0Sent me the same photo he sends everybody else 
Coltron572012-07-302012-08-03Success1/0Sent same picture as everyone else. 
brsatmary2012-07-092012-08-03Success1/0Sent signed photo 
bigsportsfan12012-03-022012-03-13Success1/0Sent an autographed 5x7 picture, thanks Mike! 
ovechkin82012-03-012012-03-10Pending1/0One for my brother 
R DOG 312012-02-112012-02-24Success1/0  
bcommerce2011-12-062011-12-12Success1/0Silver Inscribed 80 Gold 5x7 Color photo 
grahamgill314502011-12-052011-12-08Success1/0Same photo as everyone else signed 
pviens19792011-11-172011-11-22Success1/0send a 5X7 picture 
TheBeesKnees2011-10-10 Pending0/0  
mlbfan852011-10-082011-10-17Success2/02 photos one personalized to my son very awsome 
ferrari55152011-10-032011-10-10Success1/0Same Picture, but the auto looks real. Good stuff! 
Riggs2011-10-022011-10-05Success1/0holy smokes thats a fast return! 
mrfloridadude12011-08-312011-09-06Success0/0same picture as everyone else signed in silver sharpie cool success "Miracle on ice" sweet! inscribed 80 gold 
Eddie_22011-08-282011-08-30Success1/03 days! Very fast return for an e-mail success. Same photo as everyone else! TY Mr. Eruzione! 
theRaineman2011-08-102011-08-13Success1/0sent email...incredibly fast return...what a great signer! 
getinbelly2011-07-152011-08-02Success1/0Sent signed photo. Thanks! 
dawgbizkit832011-01-102011-01-17Success1/0same photo signed 
marlinsfan91082010-12-282011-01-07Success1/05 x 7 in silver w/80 gold 
bebecerveza2010-12-212010-12-30Success1/0Sent the Olympic torch picture in Silver Sharpie
joshh2122010-11-142010-11-26Success1/0sweet looking 5 x 7 signed and inscribed 80 gold. great addition to my pc. 
BearsFever!2010-10-072010-10-17Success0/0Fast response, incribed '80 gold 
wongcastle2010-09-012010-09-07Success1/0received signed color 5x7
nuckswincup2010-09-012011-01-05Success1/0received the usual picture + auto 
RyanRizz7152010-07-302010-08-11Success1/0Received 5x7 Silver Ink Auto with inscription '80 Gold' 
Yank23rulz2010-07-202010-08-06Success1/0greta 5x7
Boozler792010-06-292010-07-06Success1/1Sent email. Rcvd 5x7 signed inscribed "80 Gold". Great success 
BlueJaysRock2010-05-222010-06-06Success1/0Sent Email Recieved 5x7 Autograph Photo (Silver) 
skinsfan05212010-05-062010-05-20Success1/0Sent email & received 5x7 Authentic Auto 
druce262010-01-112010-01-21Success1/1Signed my 80 photo in black sharpie! I sent to him c/o the University 
MasonRaymond03202010-01-082010-01-26Success1/0Sent 1 nice photo! 
BostonSucks72009-12-172009-12-27Success1/0With Gold Medal Inscription 
druce262009-12-172010-01-02Success1/0Signed photo 
lambeauleap872009-12-072009-12-12Success1/0Provided A 5x7 Signed In Silver Sharpie With "'80 Gold" Inscription 
MaydayMalone4MVP2009-11-232009-12-14Success1/0nice 5x7 
blkdodge2009-11-152009-11-20Success1/0Signed 5x7 
indyreds2009-10-202009-11-14Success1/05x7 auto after email request 
stlcardinalsfan2009-09-252009-10-02Success1/0sent email, he sent nice 5x7 super cool and fast! 
elamja22009-08-142009-08-24Success1/0Nice Personalized 5X7 from Captain of 1980 miracle team. Awesome. 
hockeyfan12082009-06-17 Pending0/0  
JRubin2009-06-102009-06-20Success2/0Sent 2 signed 5x7s 
DaveS2009-05-152009-06-08Success1/0received signed 5x7 photo
TurgeonFan771322009-01-062009-01-17Success1/0Sent request via email. Received signed photo back! 
Mike Eruzione
595 Commonwealth Ave. 7th Floor
Attn:Alumni Relations Dept.
Boston, MA 02215

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:skapunk5251   Added on:   2010-04-25
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Thepatman19852017-01-122017-01-24Success1/1Mike signed my nice 16 x 20 photo of the team after the victory over the Russians great signature thanks Mike 
PJsDad2016-04-042016-04-18Success2/2Sent LOR, SASE and two different cards. Received both cards back beautifully signed in blue sharpie! This makes 3 players from the 80 Gold team! 
bkp2013-12-042013-12-14Success1/1Topps American Pie Miracle on Ice Card in Blue Sharpie 
coolbly162013-08-242013-09-06Success1/1Signed an 8x10 I sent him. Personalized and "80 Gold" Beautiful.
alhill372013-05-312013-06-13Success2/2Thanks for signing my card. 
bcommerce2013-02-142013-03-09Success3/3Sent 3 Cards! Returned all three signed!! 
bcommerce2012-10-222012-11-20Success1/1Sent 8x 10 photo of celebration! Returned Signed USA GOLD in silver sharpie! 
dawgbizkit832011-08-082011-08-20Success1/111x14 1980 Team Photo 
bball15fan2011-02-282011-03-18Success2/28x10 of him and 8x10 of 1980 team picture 
jmf423972010-10-042010-10-14Success1/1Picture now signed by Eruzione and O'Callahan 
rimpila32010-06-012010-06-21Success1/1Signed a custom 4x6 
skapunk52512010-04-262010-05-07Success1/1Signed my 1980 team USA photo in blue
Mike Eruzione
28 Thornton St
Winthrop, MA 02152

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:Calebssportscards   Added on:   2016-09-17
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Calebssportscards2016-09-022016-09-23Success2/24 x 6 and Olympic card 

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