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Ron Francis      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 93%

Ron Francis
12312 Birchfalls DR
Raleigh, NC 27614

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones242016-02-13 Pending0/4  
indyreds2010-07-06 Pending0/1  
Ron Francis
RBC Center
1400 Edwards Mill Road
Raleigh, NC 27607

Address success percentage: 93 %
Added by:druce26   Added on:   2009-10-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
dawgbizkit832017-10-10 Pending0/1card 
Baumans9162016-10-18 Pending0/2Sent 90-91 UD and 91-92 opc w SASE. 
JGuerra2016-10-02 Pending0/1  
Jkorr420842016-09-302017-01-26Failure0/1Sent Letter 3 cards and SASE. Write Off 
delones242016-09-29 Pending0/3  
rudeboy2016-01-21 Pending0/1LOR, SASE and one card 
sorklora2016-01-152016-07-15Success1/1sent puck with inscription request - got the puck back personalized..thank you!! 
bigbenjobu2015-11-252016-07-14Success2/2Signed both cards. A great success!
crbaughn622015-11-132016-07-14Success3/3PNC arena. not RBC center 
mazefan722015-08-232015-09-12Success4/48.5x11 inscribed best wishes, and three 4x6 photos, TY Mr. Francis, another HHOF success!! 
lh4augie2015-08-102015-09-12Success1/1sending a Penguins banner- Success! 
kactusjakk2015-04-302015-09-17Success1/22 8x10, LOR and SASE - Signed 1/2 and didn't return the other one... 
Gmbs822014-12-102015-09-14Success1/1puck sent 
Coltron572014-12-012015-11-10Success1/22 cards. Signed 1 card in blue. 
cubbies4ever2014-09-272015-09-12Success1/12013-2014 UD Artifacts, Signed in blue, 350 Days
ellwoodbandrules2014-08-252015-09-14Success2/2Two Cards Signed in Blue ... Worth the Wait 
goblackhawks1232014-07-252014-11-20Success2/2Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 in blue sharpie. 
comfortably9numb2014-04-092015-09-14Success2/2Over a year, but worth it. 
hockeyfan2212013-12-282014-03-18Success1/1AWESOME success from the league's fourth highest scorer in history! 
mikedmatthews2013-10-212014-03-17Success3/5accidentally sent him twice, 3 and 2. he sent back 2 and 1. guess there were a couple he liked! 
Marcus262013-09-122014-03-18Success3/3Nice Return. 187 Days. Thanks Mr Francis. 
Ryanmillerfan302013-08-012014-01-10Success3/3Requested the 'hhof '07' inscription, lets see if i get it! No inscription still awesome 
LGBuffalo2013-01-142013-08-01Success1/1Signed and personalized my 8x10 nicely. Thanks! 
dawgbizkit832013-01-092013-07-31Success1/1McFarlane Base, Personalized to me 
rpm1123012012-11-232014-03-24Success1/1surprised to get this thought it was lost!! 
dawgbizkit832012-09-122012-10-06Failure0/1Hurricanes McFarlane Base, came back marked unclaimed. THANK YOU NHL LOCKOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
walker0662012-02-292012-09-07Success1/3Very happy about the success. Thought it was a goner. However, kept the two cards and personalized it. 
Pens-fan-addict2012-01-232012-09-07Success1/11 - Pens 8x10 **AWESOME RETURN from a FAV!!!! (228 day turnaround!) 
Charlie Hustle2012-01-122012-06-08Success1/1signed my whalers opc retro in bold blue sharpie 
just for the fun2012-01-032012-07-14Success2/2one of my favorite returns!!! signd both cards in blue sharpie, thanks mr. francis!!! 
kpenterprise2011-12-18 Pending0/4  
bigsportsfan12011-11-152012-07-14Success2/2Signed 2 cards in blue sharpie, thanks Ron! 
bounty3312011-10-03 Pending0/1  
juflo3312011-09-022011-09-29Success2/2Signed Both. Check out all my success at 
67anbh2011-08-232011-09-29Success2/3estimated sent date, but its still a nice success! he kept 1 picture as i told him to. check out my successes at 
gijoe_92011-07-062011-10-03Success2/2Signed both cards 
saluki20022010-12-172011-03-23Success1/1Beckett w/Penguins SC photo signed in Silver sharpie 
blkdodge2010-11-132011-03-24Success1/1Signed McFarlane base 
Riggs2010-08-272010-12-07Success2/2sent these when i thought my first request was long gone.. :-) 
Riggs2010-04-142010-12-07Success2/2thought these was goners!! great success!! 
dawgbizkit832010-04-082012-08-02Success1/1Hurricanes McFarlane Base 
phillies fan2010-02-192012-09-07Success1/1Longest wait I ever had for success. Sent IC. Received signed Pinnacle hockey card 
druce262009-10-212010-01-21Success1/1Signed my 02-03 Topps Heritage 
billyu2009-10-04 Pending0/2  

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