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Bill Gadsby (R.I.P.)      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Bill Gadsby (R.I.P.)
28765 E Kalong Circle
Soutfield, MI 48034

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
CubsPackersOilers2016-01-062016-02-10Success1/1signed 8x10. 
Fortune5002015-08-142015-08-24Success1/1Sent one puck and received signed! 
Lapo00132015-08-112015-08-18Success1/1Signed 1 index card in blue w/HOF inscription for my HOF scrapbook 
Ebys232015-08-072015-08-14Success2/22 index cards-signed in bue with HOF inscriptions 
Calebssportscards2015-06-082015-06-16Success1/1Huyck Graphs custom 4x6 
mazefan722015-05-192015-06-02Success3/3Signed an 8x10 w/ the Blackhawks, and two 4x6 photos, all inscribed HOF 1970. TY Mr. Gadsby!! 
redrocker98ta2015-05-042015-05-13Success1/1Signed puck with HOF 1970, thanks Mr Gadsby 
bears4life232013-03-27 Pending0/1Sent card, SASE, and LOR. I also asked for a HOF inscription. 
LGBuffalo2012-11-262012-12-07Success1/18x10 signed beautifully. Thanks! 
redrocker98ta2012-09-132012-09-21Success1/1Signed my 8x10 in blue sharpie and added HOF 1970, thanks Mr Gadsby 
antoine382012-08-242012-08-30Success3/1Signed IC added 2 Photo Cards, Awesome!
Bidchka2012-06-212012-06-28Success3/3Thank you Mr. Gadsby
Lapo00132012-05-032012-05-07Success1/1Sent him gu jersey/stamp card. Signed in 4 days with hof inscription, thank you mr.gasby! 
snartly2012-04-132012-04-20Success2/2Sent 2 8.5x11 photos, Received both of them back, with one personalized. 
Blargh2012-03-282012-06-05Success2/22 of 2.
djauwerda2011-12-222011-12-30Success1/2Returned 1/2 (K1AO). Added HOF 1970 and his number and also wrote a note on the LOR. Fast return! 
gijoe_92011-04-082011-12-14Success2/1Signed my Parkhust card in silver and the decoy I sent it with 
SLNoble132011-03-032011-12-22Success2/1Sent a card and received it signed along with a photo Mr. Gadsby sent signed. 
Riggs2010-11-202010-11-29Success1/1Great signer, FAST turnaround.. 
billyu2010-10-042010-10-19Success1/21 signed silver sharpie kept second card 
RockiesFan332010-08-182010-08-26Success1/1Signed my custom.

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