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Dick Duff
4-7 Elwood Ave South
Mississauga, ON L5G 3J0

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:TysonX504   Added on:   2009-05-20
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Calebssportscards2017-06-102017-06-24Success2/14 x 6 photo signed with a thank you not and letter back to me 
totalnv2017-03-102017-03-22Success1/1LOR, SASE, retro Canadiens puck - signed puck in silver sharpie with HOF inscription
nascargaryts2016-12-012016-12-09Success1/1Signed with HOF and added signed picture of his own 
mazefan722015-08-242015-09-08Success5/4Signed a 8.5x11 (smudged during shipping), three 4x6, and an extra 4x6 w HOF Insc.. Paid for additional Postage...TY! 
antoineh92015-06-25 Pending0/3Sent 3 cards 
mart21112015-04-032015-04-14Success3/2Add HOF inscription thanks 
casinojunkie132015-03-242015-03-31Success3/2Mr. Duff added his own 4X6 card Nice Return 
denvotz2015-02-112015-02-26Success3/1added two signed photos of his own 
gunners2014-12-21 Pending0/2  
RheaumeForever2014-08-202014-09-02Success5/1Recieved my card back signed. He also added another card, 2 postcards and wrote me back! Thanks so much Mr. Duff! 
DnJcards2014-08-082014-08-18Success5/4Returned all 4 customs signed (I offered him to keep 1 of each) + a photo and he sent a letter asking me to make him 5 each of the customs, very cool return! 
Marcus262014-07-142014-07-23Success4/2Recieved in just 9 Days! Included 2 signed pictures! Thanks Mr Duff!!! 
Coltron572014-07-102014-07-21Success4/22 4x6 photos. Signed both in blue and added 2 more photos. 
mets442014-06-022014-06-10Success5/4included a signed hall of fame postcard 
blaker12014-05-272014-06-05Success4/1Signed my card, gave me a signed Buffalo card and 2 signed postcards. and wrote a note saying my dad knew hockey! after I mentioned he was a big fan. Thanks Duff! 
fan4alumnus2014-05-202014-06-03Success6/66 cards signed nicely by Mr. Duff. Thank you to a Leafs & Canadien legend. 
CubsPackersOilers2013-06-302013-07-06Success4/1Mr. Duff signed my photo, included three of his own, and even wrote his favourite achievement on the back of the photo. Thanks! 
blewch2013-05-232013-06-04Success3/1Sent one card and Mr. Duff sent it back signed, along with another signed card and a PP 4x6 with hand-written inscription. Thanks Mr. Duff! 
hockeyfan2212013-05-172013-05-29Success4/3Included an extra Sabres 4x6! 
Sportfreund2013-05-012013-05-09Success4/2Mr. Duff signed my custom and a 1966 card plus was kind enough to include 2 extra photos and a nice note. Great return from a Leafs legend. Correct postal code is L5G 3J6
sensfan20102013-02-222013-03-07Success5/32 small photos, folded unfortunately 
typierre752013-02-152013-02-20Success5/3wow, I had to send 2 more pictures including a personalized, thanks Mr Duff 
Jaysfan112012-08-242012-09-03Success3/0Sent LOR and SASE, Recieved 2 signed photos, a letter, and a signed Leafs Tim Hortons card! Very classy gentleman 
antoine382012-08-172012-08-30Success3/1Signed Card added two signed Photo Cards, Awesome! (Zip L5G 3J6)
phillyboi902012-06-092012-06-25Success3/1Great man 
mart21112012-05-152012-05-22Success4/1Verry fast and add 1 extra card and 2 picture. Thanks M.duff 
simon121213132012-05-152012-05-25Success3/1sent 2 pictures and my card autographed 
Bidchka2012-04-192012-04-27Success2/1Very classy gentleman. Even sent a small note addressed to my son. Thank you Mr. Duff ** correct postal code is L5G 3J6 **
mart21112012-03-092012-03-19Success2/1Signed my card i send extra photo THANKS 
pviens19792011-11-052011-11-21Success4/1sign my card and add 2 picture plus a personal message, wow Mr Duff 
Riggs2011-10-172011-11-01Success4/2AWESOME success!!!! 
Canadian49erFan2011-07-172011-08-02Pending3/2Signed index, Added 2 signed photos w/ HOF inscription. 
gijoe_92011-03-112011-03-18Success3/2Signed the two cards I sent and sent me a signed pic 
Atom Ryder2009-12-162010-01-05Success3/2Thank you mr Duff ! Add a 3rd card 
dtigerfan2009-12-152009-12-22Success3/3Awesome success! 
Latko322009-08-172009-08-26Success1/1added to my Forum 8x10.
habsmtl092009-06-012009-06-11Success5/4He added his own picture
Dick Duff
4 - 7 Elmwood Ave S
Mississauga, ON L5G 3J6

Address success percentage: 0 %
Instruction:Correct address, the one above has a couple typos including the postal code.
Added by:Sportfreund   Added on:   2013-05-23
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
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