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Glen Hall      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 74%

Glen Hall
Po Box 2483
Station Main
Stony Plain, AB T7Z 1X9

Address success percentage: 74 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-24
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Darth Menace2017-08-272017-09-05Failure0/1Came back Return to Sender. 
kodo2016-08-102016-10-27Failure0/2Received envolpe back Refused 
jasonj2016-05-052018-06-20Failure1/1RTS - Moved / Unknown 
cheeversfan2016-03-152016-04-04Success3/3Fast turn around, thanks Mr. Hall 
diback342016-03-112016-04-18Success1/1Sent artifacts base /99 
sorklora2016-01-192017-03-06Failure0/1Sent 1 puck and asked for an inscription... Write off 
mazefan722015-12-192016-02-02Success4/4Signed two 8.5x 11, and two 4x6 photos..TY!! Another HHOFer to add to the collection..
blaker12015-03-012015-03-19Success2/3Second time trying Mr. Hall. signed 2 out of 3 and wrote a letter with best wishes. Thanks Mr Hall! 
CubsPackersOilers2014-08-202014-09-04Success1/1signed 8x10. looks great. 
RheaumeForever2014-07-102014-08-01Success1/1Thank you so much "Mr. Goalie"! 
DnJcards2014-06-252014-07-21Failure0/2Sent stuff back unsigned with a business card for a place to buy his auto'd stuff 
comfortably9numb2014-05-162014-06-27Success1/1didn't sign my card, but sent a personalized card of his own 
Marcus262014-04-142014-05-02Success1/2Returned my cards unsigned, sent one of his own signed cards. 18 Days. 
PEPINO23232014-02-202014-03-20Success4/3Amazing THX Mr. Goalie
Canadian-Grapher2013-05-302013-12-31Success3/5signed 3 of 5 in black ultra fine sharpie 
typierre752013-03-182013-05-01Failure0/4Returned to Sender 
Irbe32012013-03-092013-05-03Failure1/1Refused by Addressee...Returned to Sender :-( 
Flyersfanadam2012-11-222013-03-06Success1/1Sent one 4x6 
antoine382012-08-242013-03-02Success3/3Signed All my Cards, Worth the Wait
Bidchka2012-07-112012-07-30Success2/3Thank you Mr. Hall
mart21112012-03-052012-03-15Failure0/1Refused by the adressed return card no autographed 
grahamgill314502011-12-082011-12-28Success3/32/2 photos and Book plate 
RJB0292011-11-262011-12-13Success2/2Mailed 2 trading cards and got them back signed with a blue ink pen in the sweet spot! Thank you Mr. Hall! 
Graphster2011-11-112011-11-25Success2/2Signed 2 of 2 in black sharpie. Can't be happier with this outcome 
goesonclear2011-07-202011-09-28Success1/1Happy about this signed custom return from Mr Glenn Hall.
goleafsgo72011-06-032011-09-27Success1/1Hall signed my 2008 Between the Pipes card in black sharpie. Thanks Glenn! 
jerseyman19922011-05-202011-06-03Success1/114 days 
gijoe_92011-03-112011-05-26Success1/1Signed card 
grandmastablank2010-11-162010-11-24Success1/1Personalized, great sig 
GregArchibald2009-05-182009-05-27Failure0/3Refused by addressee (did not even open) 

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