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Harry Howell      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Harry Howell
401-49 Robinson St
Hamilton, ON L8P 1Y7

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-05-24
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
patonyfan2016-04-192016-05-06Pending0/3Received note saying Mr Howell can no longer sign his name and is in a nursing home and not doing well 
cdnrockstar2016-02-172016-03-11Success2/2added requested inscription 
CubsPackersOilers2016-01-06 Pending0/1sent 8x10. 
MisterWoolley2015-08-242015-09-14Success1/1I sent 1 68-69 Topps card and he signed in black sharpie along the bottom. I forgot to ask for an HOF inscription and didn't receive one. My fault but it's ok. I can always resend with a donation to get it on. This address works. :) 
garyjr332014-10-142014-11-07Success3/3perfect blue sharpie on 3 cards. 
blaker12014-07-302014-08-17Success1/1Thanks Mr. Howell
Robextend2014-01-232014-04-07Success1/11966 Topps/Great success, thank you Mr. Howell. 
Marcus262014-01-082014-02-03Success4/426 Day Return. Signed all 4 and personalized one card to me. Thanks Mr Howell! 
PEPINO23232013-12-312014-01-27Success2/2Amazing blue sharpie :) thx MR. Howell
coolbly162013-12-162014-01-06Success2/2Got back both my cards, one with HOF inscription as requested. Great addition! 
Sportfreund2013-05-222013-06-05Success2/2Signed the custom on the left as well as the 1971 OPC card (which is in bad shape but it's one of my favourite sets).
tonyt19572013-03-202013-07-05Success2/268/69/TOPPS 69/70/TOPPS/singed both blue sharpie/to tony 
typierre752013-03-182013-04-04Success4/4He signed my 3 photos that Andy Bathgate had already signed COOOLL! and he signed a card 
goaliegod332012-08-282012-09-11Success2/1Signed my card and added a HOF Picture
Jaysfan112012-08-242012-09-04Success2/2Very nice HOF success! 
antoine382012-08-012012-09-11Success3/2Signed both cards added his own all with inscriptions, Excellent!
Bidchka2012-06-172012-07-03Success3/2Thank you Mr. Howell. Even added a signed 4 x 6 HOF
bruphilo2012-01-272012-02-05Success4/4Great, signed my custom... included my name on 2... 
Marshall6582012-01-202012-01-30Success1/1Signed my 2011 Parkhurst Champions card 
pviens19792011-12-272012-01-06Success2/1add a 4x6 and personalized with hof 
NHLPlayers Ink.2011-08-152011-08-24Success2/1Personalized 4x6 photo with HOF and Norris inscription. Included HOF picture aswell. Great signer! 
Canadian49erFan2011-08-082011-08-17Pending0/1Signed my card. 
Riggs2011-03-292011-04-22Success2/2Great signer, Very pleased about this return!! also sent along $2.00 to cover postage back! Great return. 
mayhem107012011-03-032011-03-18Success3/4signed two cards and 8x10, dont think he saw the other 8x10, must have stuck to other one. Personailzed as well. 
billyu2010-10-042010-10-14Success2/2Blue sharpie both personalized, 1 HHOF 1979 1 Norris 1967 
brodeur1fan2009-08-232009-08-28Success2/1Inclued HOF Inductee sheet, personalized both to Austin included Norris and HOF years and best wishes and good luck 
dtigerfan2009-07-102009-07-22Success5/4Awesome success 

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