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John LeClair      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

John LeClair
108 Turbridge Circle
Haverford, PA 19041

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:DaveS   Added on:   2009-05-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
MPrzzy2017-09-292017-10-06Success3/3Great auto from a great player. Signed in black 
Moss842017-07-252017-08-07Success5/5that's why I'm a fan!! thanks man 
Johnmc832017-06-122017-06-19Success3/33/3 in 7 days! Class act. Thank you Mr. LeClair! 
AG11812017-05-152017-06-01Success1/1Signed 91-92 UD base card (Habs) in blue Sharpie
peteyland2017-04-272017-05-09Success8/8SASE, LOR, Sent 8, asked him to sign some and keep rest if he wanted, signed all 8 with jersery # 
ellwoodbandrules2017-04-192017-05-01Success2/2Signed Both Cards 
diback342017-04-112017-04-11Success1/1Sending the flyers 50th sports illustrated 
Eddie_22017-02-212017-02-28Success2/27 days. Signed two Flyers cards in black sharpie. 
wingsofgold252017-02-092017-02-18Success1/1Sent 8 x 10 signed in silver sharpie 
goodbyehalloween2017-02-072017-02-17Success4/4signed all 4 in black sharpie 
Philly4Life2017-01-192017-01-25Success1/1Sent puck, LOR and SASE. Got it back signed! 
toddannis2017-01-042017-01-17Success0/2Sent LOR, SASE, 93P&FU and asked for inscription. Signed 2/2 no inscription. 
Baumans9162016-11-162016-12-02Success3/3Sent 91-92 UD, OPC and 94-95 UD w SASE. John signed the mtl cards in blue & phi card in black. 
totalnv2016-11-072012-11-12Success1/1Signed card in black sharpie
antoineh92016-08-222016-08-23Success4/4Don't know the date received. Signed in blue and returned the sharpie 
diback342016-07-152016-07-30Success3/3All three cards signed in black.. Sent a heroes and prospect base that smudged a bit and got ink on back of another card, but super happy thank you 
diback342016-05-312016-06-18Success2/2Sent a score rookie and an heroes and prospect base. Signed both in blue ink 
Philly4Life2016-05-262016-06-02Success1/1Sent LOR, SASE and Mcfarlane base. Got it back signed exactly where I asked and it looks awesome! 
Philly4Life2016-05-262016-06-02Success1/1Sent LOR, SASE and McFarlane base. He signed it perfectly and exactly where I asked! Looks awesome!! 
goblackhawks1232016-05-092016-05-19Success2/2Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 in blue & black sharpie. 
sanchez2016-05-032016-05-13Success4/4Thank you 
RyanJones282016-03-012016-03-16Success2/2signed both cards 
CarolinaGraphs2016-02-252016-03-08Success1/12014 Upper Deck Artifacts signed in black ink. 
abonham12016-02-242016-03-24Success3/3signed all 3 cards in black sharpie. 
dawgbizkit832016-02-172016-02-22Success2/22 Stanley Cup Bobbleheads, signed both just as I asked 
Calebssportscards2015-12-212016-01-04Success2/2Huyck Graphs custom 4x6 
Philly4Life2015-11-122015-11-19Success1/1Sent Flyers Retirement puck, LOR and SASE. Got it back signed and he returned the paint pen! Just need Lindros now to finish it! 
PortRadelaide2015-04-282015-05-13Success2/3Thanks! Signed the back of the card, perhaps this is a means of thwarting sellers? Too bad, but glad to have the card for my collection! 
gabesdad092015-04-012015-04-29Success2/2great happy to get an autograph from one of my favorite players 
sorklora2015-03-242015-04-30Success1/1sent a Flyers puck and got it returned signed! thanks Mr. Leclair 
Philly4Life2015-03-052015-05-01Success1/1Sent black Flyers mini helmet. Signed just where I asked him. Kept sharpie. 
Coltron572014-12-012014-12-12Success4/44 cards. Signed nicely in blue and black. 
Gmbs822014-07-112014-07-17Success1/1flyers puck 6days!!!!
MrCardCollector972014-05-052014-05-10Success2/2Super quick response! 
flyers992014-05-052014-05-14Success3/3super quick and amazing sigs 
blewch2014-04-022014-04-24Success7/7Great return. Signed all 7 including OPC rookie. 
NotLou2014-01-222014-02-01Success3/33/3 with black sharpe....great return as always 
bryson1202014-01-032014-01-16Success1/1Great success: 
Marcus262013-12-232014-01-07Success5/5Signed all cards. 15 Days! Awesome signature. Thanks Mr Leclair! 
Cmoney662013-12-102013-12-14Success1/1signed my 97-98 UD card, 4 Days! 
jeff8372emt2013-12-092013-12-16Success4/4Signed 4 custom photos. 
Gibber992013-11-292013-12-04Success3/3Flyers logo puck & 2 Fleer cards / Signed all three 
NotLou2013-11-182013-11-25Success6/6Signed my G/U cards in blue sharpie and added #10 to all! 
policeradio5562013-09-302013-10-03Success1/11 8x10 Signed in 3 days!!!!
Riggs2013-09-162013-09-23Success2/2signed 2 8x10's 
antdag32013-08-092013-08-16Success6/6Sent him 6 cards...signed & returned all quickly!
bayarea742013-08-032013-08-12Success1/1sent Flyers 8x10, signed nicely in blue 
Coltron572013-07-172013-07-26Success4/4Sent 2 RC, a UD Portrait, and an Atomic. All came back signed, but all smudged. 
mrwoodland2013-07-172013-07-27Success4/4awesome return! 
Gibber992013-07-062013-07-10Success1/1Sent Winter Classic puck and signed with number. Awesome pick-up 
sugarpooper2013-06-042013-06-11Success4/4Very fast turn around, Thanks Mr. Leclair!! 
Flyersfan19752013-05-082013-05-13Success1/1Fast Return Signed my 1991 Pro Set Rookie card 
typierre752013-03-122013-03-21Success6/6I sent three cards and three pictures and they are all signed. . one card damaged the shipping 
Philly4for4Fan2013-03-072013-03-12Success4/4signed 4 8x10's 
totallyts2013-02-122013-02-15Success2/23 day turn around Awesome 
antoine382012-09-072012-09-17Success4/4Signed all my cards, Excellent!
Aceboy11162012-08-27 Pending0/1  
SportsAholic1012012-08-252012-09-06Success1/1signed one white hockey puck 
antoine382012-08-152012-08-24Success4/4Signed my cards, Very Nice
Philly4for4Fan2012-08-082012-08-14Success2/2Signed a Puck and McFarlane Base 
bluesfan762012-08-012012-08-08Success1/1Topps '91 Base Card. First Hockey TTM - TY Mr. LeClair. 
Coltron572012-07-292012-08-06Success4/4Sent 4 base cards, including a 1991 Pro Set Rookie. 
kutz742012-07-202012-07-28Success1/1Send a fleer ultra base card 8 days 
Lapo00132012-07-182012-07-30Success1/1Sent 1 gu jersey card. Signed beautifully in black! 
phillyboi902012-07-172012-07-17Pending3/3fast return 
lovergine12012-07-062012-07-13Success4/4signed all 4 cards, two RC's. quick turnaround. Thank you ! 
comfortably9numb2012-06-172012-06-27Success3/3signed all cards! 
Bidchka2012-04-292012-05-11Success6/6Thank you Mr. Leclair
reolsont162012-04-122012-04-27Success2/2both photos are great nice sig 
RocklandBoulders2012-04-112012-04-19Success1/1First Hockey TTM Thank You Mr.Leclair! 
policeradio5562012-04-062012-04-11Success2/3Sent 3 rookie cards to be signed..Signed 2 in blue sharpie and kept the other one....Thanks Johnny! 
Philly4for4Fan2012-03-072012-03-10Success1/1Got my McFarlane Base back in four Days!!!!! 
Lapo00132012-02-132012-02-25Success1/1Great sig, thanks john!! 
Pens-fan-addict2012-01-232012-01-31Success1/11 - Pens 8x10 (Auto'd & Personalized!) 9 day turnaround!! 
just for the fun2012-01-092012-01-17Success1/1signed my upperdeck. 8 day turnaround. thanks mr. leclair! 
grahamgill314502011-12-272012-01-02Success3/3Signed card and 2 photos. 6 days 
stop__dreaming2011-11-212011-12-05Success2/2A 2 week turn-around (Trans-Atlantic!!) just goes to show how classy he is. Fantastic. Thank you, Mr LeClair.
bigsportsfan12011-11-152011-11-28Success3/3John signed all 3 of my cards in blue sharpie. Very fast turnaround. Thank you John. 
bcct12 sports2011-10-172011-10-21Success1/2got one of 2 back the GU was signed the base wasnt returned 
druce262011-10-142011-10-18Success2/2Signed my Starting Lineup! 
bounty3312011-09-262011-10-03Success2/2Nice sig! 
juflo3312011-09-202011-10-11Success2/2Two Cards. Ty sir! 
CaptPantalones2011-07-112011-07-18Success2/22nd return 
RyanRizz7152011-06-032011-06-09Success1/1Fastest return yet!! 
credd862011-05-242011-06-07Success3/3Signed 4x6 and two cards
arfmax2011-05-192011-05-27Success2/203-04 Topps Total/01-02 UD Vintage 
Riggs2011-05-132011-05-20Success2/2Great signer, FAST turnaround.. 
Eddie_22011-04-122011-04-15Success2/2Sent again to get Flyers cards signed. Only 3 days! Super fast TTM from one of the best TTMers in sports! 
snartly2011-03-312011-04-07Success2/2Sent them back on April 5th. Great signature. My first true TTM autograph. Plenty of more to come! 
dawgbizkit832011-03-072011-03-26Success1/1McFarlane Base 
Eddie_22011-02-192011-02-23Success1/1Super fast TTM...only 2 days! (Not counting Sunday or Pres Day). Mr. LeClair signed my card in black sharpie. Very nice return. 
CaptPantalones2011-02-022011-02-05Success2/23 day turnaround! Great signature as well 
ydfthunder2010-07-272010-08-02Success3/36 days! nice signature. 
mneiberg2010-01-292010-02-05Success6/6Signed 2 8x10 cards, a flyers program cover and 3 player cards. MN 
brendenw2009-10-01 Pending0/0  
blkdodge2009-08-312009-09-19Success2/22 Signed 8x10's
samjams32009-08-212009-08-29Success4/4Signed all 4 cards I sent. One of them was smudged, but the other 3 are perfect. 

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