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Ted Lindsay      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Ted Lindsay
2598 Invitational Dr.
Oakland, MI 48363-2453

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:DaveS   Added on:   2009-05-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Donhutson2017-07-10 Pending0/2sent 2 cards and $.. 
DTownDrew2017-05-092017-06-01Success2/2Sent 2 newer cards with $10 Donation. Got them Both back with HOF and # Mr Lindsay is THE MAN...Mr Redwing IMO 
AG11812017-05-09 Pending0/2Sent two cards, LOR, SASE + $20 (before I saw it was $50...not hopeful!) 
chicagobullsjoe2017-04-102017-04-24Success1/1He signed a card for me in a Blackhawks uniform . 
chicagobullsjoe2017-04-102017-04-24Success1/1Sent him a card and a letter. He signed the card and added his HOF inscription. 
totalnv2016-11-172017-03-07Success1/1LOR, SASE, puck, $20 donation to foundation - received puck signed in silver sharpie with HOF inscription. NOTE: I was informed by the head of the foundation that the minimum donation for autographs is now $50.
Coltron572016-07-302016-10-07Success1/11 4x6. 
jacktempleton2016-03-10 Pending0/0  
Lapo00132015-08-112015-09-18Success1/1Signed index card for project, added HOF inscription. Nicest guy around 
goblackhawks1232015-05-262015-08-25Success1/1Sent 1 card along with a $5 donation. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
mazefan722015-05-192015-11-09Success3/3Signed a Hockey puck, and 8x10, and a 4x6 photo, all inscribed HHOF 66..w/ donation 
mikedmatthews2015-05-172015-10-08Success1/1puck, sent $20 
Calebssportscards2015-04-272015-08-24Success4/1sent with donation// Sent back with my donation, and included a bunch of extras thx Mr. Lindsay! 
Philly4Life2015-03-242015-12-03Success1/1Sent Red Wings puck with $10 donation to his foundation. FInally got it back! Signed with HOF inscription as asked. 
Tex20052015-02-102015-05-18Success1/1Sent puck, LOR, SASE, sharpie and $10 donation. RCVD puck with inscription and pamphlet 
smokinsteve2015-01-132015-02-23Success1/1Signed puck for $10 donation with inscription. No extras were included.
detroitgoblue2015-01-062015-02-21Success2/1Signed puck plus signed brochure and hand written letter. Donation sent 
redrocker98ta2015-01-032015-01-20Success2/2Signed 2 pucks with HHOF 66 for $20, thanks Ted 
BLawson872014-11-122014-11-26Success2/1Sent 1 puck, nice letter with request, $10 donation to his autism foundation; Puck signed in silver and also sent a signed info pamplet about his life. My postage was short and he covered it; I will send another small donation as a thanks. Super nice guy. 
steelhead262014-11-072014-11-28Success2/1Sent LOR,SASE and Red Wings Puck Along With A $10 Donation. Received With HHOF66 And additional Signed Pamphlet. Thanks Mr. Lindsay
alf76242014-10-202014-11-10Success1/1Sending Red Wings Puck, LOR, silver sharpie & 5.00 donation. Got signed puck back, as well as a signed color pamphlet about him and his charity,a nd a signed thank you note as well. Great guy. Great return. Thank You Mr. Lindsay!! 
garyjr332014-10-062014-11-24Success3/2signed 2 of 2 cards with HOF inscription. Also, sent pamphlet about career signed as well. 
TurgeonFan771322014-08-112014-10-20Success3/1Sent out a Parkhurst Reprint from the mid 2000s and a $5 donation to his charity. Card came today autographed in blue Sharpie with HHOF 66. He also included a signed pamphlet and a personally written thank you note. 
Coltron572014-07-102014-10-17Success5/22 4x6 photos. Nice return. Sent the signed pamphlet, signed both 4x6, and 2 IC! 
RheaumeForever2014-07-07 Pending0/1  
M35Richter2014-06-102014-07-18Success3/2Signed Both Cards & Added A Signed Biography Pamphlet 
Mogilny892014-01-212014-02-24Success2/1Sent 1 card, returned signed along with a signed Ted Lindsay career packet..SICK!! 
coolbly162013-12-022014-02-24Success4/2Sent $5 donation. Got both cards back with requested HOF Inscription plus a signed pamphlet and a personalized note thanking me for donation. Awesome 
Yanks2522013-11-052013-11-29Success2/1Included extra and added H.H.O.F 66 on both 
DnJcards2013-09-302013-11-29Success4/2Sent him 3 customs, he signed 2 and kept 1. And also signed an index card and pamphlet for me!! Awesome return
Ryanmillerfan302013-07-232013-09-16Success2/1Awesome 2nd success! Thanks ted! 
mrwoodland2013-07-072013-07-23Success3/2signed my 2 cards and added a signed bio leaflet all signed in thin blue with h.h.o.f. 66 
bball15fan2013-04-08 Pending0/28x10s 
RJB0292013-04-042013-05-22Success2/1Wow! Nice autograph as always! Used a blue sharpie! Included a signed leaflet of his life/hockey/foundation(autism). Thanks Mr. Lindsay! 
bears4life232013-03-27 Pending0/1Sent a card, LOR, and SASE 
Ryanmillerfan302013-02-192013-03-30Success3/1Sent 1 card, which wad signed along with a pamphlet and he also answered my questions and signed that sheet. All with hhof '66 Awesome return from terrible ted!
typierre752013-02-172013-04-04Success3/2add one picture 5 x 9 Thank Mr Lindsay !! 
edmoiler132013-01-192013-02-02Success1/1signed 8x10 
Riggs2012-12-242013-06-11Success3/2think the USPS lost this return... came back signed. 2 8x10's & included his own photo. longer wait then usual for Mr Lindsay 
walker0662012-12-102012-12-29Success2/1Great return!! Signed my 8x10 and sent his own photo signed. Thanks Ted! 
cheeversfan2012-12-072013-01-04Success3/3Signed 8x10 plus a player card and included a autographed pamphlet as well, thanks Mr. Lindsay!! 
LGBuffalo2012-11-262012-12-31Success2/1Sent my 8x10 back signed nicely with his own pamphlet signed nicely. All for $5. Thanks! 
lizard-jd2012-10-272012-11-06Success3/2Signed 2 CICs & included a signed BIO - TY! 
garpike2012-09-142012-10-20Success1/1signed 2011 Parkhurst Champions card 
antoine382012-08-172012-10-22Success6/3Signed my Cards and Added Others, Excellent! 
lovergine12012-08-052012-08-30Success3/2Signed 2 base cards from the 60's along with his charity booklet signed !! Thank you !! 
Coltron572012-07-292012-08-30Success3/5Sent 5 base cards. Told him to keep 1. Sent 10$ for charity as well. Kept some like I asked, sent back 3 + his autographed booklet for his autism charity. 
Marcus262012-07-162012-10-30Success4/2Signed my cards, sent a pamphlet (signed) and included a small note (signed) in 106 days. Thanks Mr Lindsay! Great return 
Fielderautos282012-06-102012-07-12Success3/2Signed 2 photos and sent an autographed pamphlet, nice success from Mr. Lindsay 
comfortably9numb2012-05-302012-06-11Success4/3Signed all cards and added "HOF 66" to them, and added an autographed pamphlet too! 
snartly2012-04-12 Pending0/2  
Lapo00132012-03-242012-04-05Success2/1Signed a puck and included a pamphlet, also he lives near me and actually hand delivered them to me at work, what a great guy!!! 
parkjimi2012-02-032012-03-01Success2/1Wow! Signed my card and included a signed pamphlet! I included a donation when I sent it, but awesome signs! Well-worth it! 
goaliegod332012-01-062012-02-29Success3/2Sent $5 to donate to his Charity, Returned both cards signed and added a signed pamphlet on his charity.
grahamgill314502011-12-272012-01-06Success4/3Signed 2 photos and card with #7 and HHOF '65 in 10 days. Also signed a little booklet about his life and foundation 
kpenterprise2011-12-172012-01-22Success2/1sent ud hockey heroes with 6$ 
pviens19792011-11-272011-12-20Success2/1add a personal note and a card, just wow Mr Lindsay 
redrocker98ta2011-11-262011-12-16Success2/2Signed 2 8x10s with a $20 donation to his charity. Thanks Mr Lindsay 
Marshall6582011-10-242011-11-26Success2/1Signed my 11-12 O-Pee-Chee and added a signed biography pamphlet 
Riggs2011-09-192011-10-15Success3/2Great signer, Very pleased about this return!! 
cool-vintage2011-08-192011-09-10Success3/2Signed my two card and added a signed pamphlet. 
goleafsgo72011-07-272011-08-09Success2/1Mr. Lindsay signed my Red Wings Team Card in thin blue sharpie and added a signed photo as well. Thanks Ted!
silver2011-06-272011-07-06Success3/1Signed my Red Wings puck, he added a signed pamphlet about his life and a post-it note thanking me for my donation to his foundation 
gijoe_92011-04-082011-04-26Success3/2signed both cards and added bio flyer all with HOF inscription, great signer! 
ckulas2011-04-012011-06-08Success3/2Signed my Custom 8x10 and Trophy Picture. Thanks Mr. Lindsay!!! 
garpike2011-01-262011-02-03Success2/2Sent LOR, SASE and two custom 3x5 cards
tonyt19572010-12-172011-01-22Success1/12001 FLEER SINGED BLUE SHARPEE H H OF 66 NICE SIGN THANKS TED 
Riggs2010-11-232010-12-16Success3/2Great signer, FAST turnaround for a HOFer.. 
tonyt19572010-10-092010-12-24Success1/12001 FLEER SKY BOX SINGED BLUE SHARPEE HHOF 66 NICE SIGN 
MasonRaymond03202010-02-282010-05-03Success3/2included an inscription on the index cards. Sent an extra signed bio. Nice autographs 
blkdodge2009-11-302009-12-14Success3/2Signed 2 8x10s added signed postcard 
devilsfan304152009-11-022009-11-23Success3/2Sent extra bio signed. Very nice seccess 
SMVintage2009-09-092009-10-19Success3/2Sent an extra flyer with his biography.... 

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