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Eddie Shack      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 91%

Eddie Shack
508 Fairlawn Ave.
North York, ON M5W 1V2

Address success percentage: 91 %
Added by:DaveS   Added on:   2009-05-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Rafeiro242017-09-112017-09-21Success1/1Got my Picture back, Unsigned :( 
shemer272017-05-30 Pending0/2  
airport19752017-03-102017-03-30Failure0/1Mr. Shack returned my card autographed with his special invisible ink, leaving the card unscathed. Thank you! 
goblackhawks1232016-05-092016-06-02Success1/1Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in aqua pen. 
Qturbtchn2016-03-242016-04-04Success1/1Thank you Mr Shack 
sportsnut16ca2016-03-042014-03-14Success1/3Sent three photos and he returned them with a sighned photo of his own. Very nice signature 
HockeyCards302016-02-212016-02-26Success1/11 card 
HockeyCards302016-02-092016-02-16Success1/11 card - 7 day turnaround 
cdnrockstar2016-01-18 Failure0/1sent LOR and SASE. given up on this 
PortRadelaide2015-12-292016-01-11Success1/1Thanks a lot Mr. Shack! Much appreciated. Note: Apparently he will only sign one thing at a time. Also I got back a different card from the one I sent, but no problem with that. 
RyanJones282015-11-152015-11-26Success1/1signed in purple but turned out nicely 1/1 
MisterWoolley2015-07-202015-08-11Success1/4I sent 4, I got 1 back signed and another back unsigned. Not impressed from the TTM I was most excited about. Boo Mr. Shack. :( 
DnJcards2014-09-06 Pending0/2  
blaker12014-06-062014-07-15Success1/1Signed 1 70s Kings card. Thanks Eddie!
Mogilny892014-06-06 Pending0/1  
Team1062013-08-112013-08-11Success1/1Signed a picture 
antoine382012-08-212012-08-20Pending0/0Letter, SAE + 2 Cards (Sent to M5M 1V1) 
Bidchka2012-04-19 Pending0/1  
kpenterprise2011-12-13 Pending0/1  
cheeversfan2011-11-242011-12-09Success1/2Autographed an 8x10 for a gift I'm giving to a retiring co-worker, left a custom unsigned but I'm very happy I received the photo. Thanks Mr. Shack 
jerseyman19922010-11-212010-12-02Success1/111 days
Captngeetch2010-03-012010-09-01Success1/108-09 Masterpieces Base...signed E. Shack #23 in blue Sharpie...Very clean and neat. 
druce262009-09-212010-08-23Success1/1Signed my 02-03 Topps Heritage! 

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