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Ken Morrow      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Ken Morrow
6732 Monticello Dr.
Kansas City, MO 64152

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:DaveS   Added on:   2009-05-28
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
jameswrjobe532017-07-152017-07-24Success2/2inscribed as requested 
Thepatman19852017-02-272017-03-27Success1/1He signed my 1980 Miracle on Ice team photo he's the 4th team member to do so thanks Mr Morrow 
Ryan Kordziel2016-12-282017-01-07Success1/1Signed 4x6 photo! 
Calebssportscards2016-08-20 Pending0/1  
Philly4Life2016-01-212016-02-05Success1/1Sent USA puck, LOR, SASE and asked for 1980 Gold inscription. Personalized, but still looks awesome with 1980 Gold inscription. He also returned the gold sharpie! 
Musicmaximus2015-11-022015-11-12Success3/3Signed my 8x10 and Cards. Thanks Mr. Morrow! 
goblackhawks1232015-02-072015-02-17Success1/1Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in black sharpie with "1980 USA Olympic" & "4x Stanley Cup" inscriptions. 
KirkwoodOrange2014-10-312014-11-10Success2/22 signed Miracle on Ice cards signed. 
dawgbizkit832014-03-312014-04-10Success2/2(2) 1980 Gold Set cards, signed both with blue sharpie 
kactusjakk2014-01-242014-02-03Success0/2sent 2 IC - returned in SASE! Thanks! 
NotLou2014-01-042014-01-11Success4/44/4 signed in blue sharpie. "1980 Gold" added to one picture as requested. All photos personalized. Awesome and fast success! 
NotLou2014-01-042009-01-11Pending4/4Signed 4/4 in blue sharpie. All photos personalized and "1980 Gold" added to one as requested. Awesome! Fastest ever. 
tonyt19572013-12-152013-12-29Success2/2sent 2 Miracle on ice cards/SINGE BOTH IN BLUE SHARPEE 
bball15fan2013-11-062013-11-06Pending0/111x14 team picture 
vmannu42013-08-242013-08-30Success2/2Awesome to get this back 
antoine382013-05-132013-05-22Success0/1Sent 1 Card and letter of request, received back signed Index card, where did my card go ? 
LcpINC2013-03-262013-04-01Success2/2Signed two 'Miracle on Ice' cards. Do you believe in Miracles!
bcommerce2013-02-062013-02-14Success4/2Sent 2 Cards!! Signed both along with IC protectors!! 
Riggs2012-12-242013-01-03Success3/3first return of 2013!! signed 3/3 cards, added "1980 GOLD " to one. 
maxzemke242012-11-262012-12-04Success3/3signed my 4x6 with my requested inscription 1980 Gold and also signed 2 index cards for my 1980 olympic PC. TY Mr. Morrow 
garpike2012-09-142012-09-22Success1/1signed my 2011 Parkhurst Champions card
Coltron572012-07-312012-08-06Success1/1Sent 1 IC as part of my 1980 Miracle on Ice PC. 
snartly2012-05-05 Pending0/3Sent 2 8.5 x 11 photos and 1 4 x 6. 
bigbrownsfan2012-02-232012-03-02Success1/1Signed my Upper Deck card 
Marshall6582011-11-032011-11-12Success1/1Signed my 2011 Parkhurst Champions card 
USMCNixox2011-06-012011-06-15Success1/1Signed, #3 - USA 1980. Kept the Sharpie. 
dawgbizkit832011-05-162011-05-24Success1/111x14 1980 Team Photo 
lilstovie342011-04-222011-04-29Success3/1Miracle on Ice Photo, and 2 ICs!!! 
bball15fan2011-04-202011-05-07Success1/18x10 of 1980 team picture 
JVazz292010-10-192010-10-27Success2/2Signed 1980 Olympic celebrations photographs personalized to my friend, and the other to me 
skapunk52512010-05-102010-05-17Success1/1Signed my 1980 team photo in blue sharpie
cubsfan1292010-04-192010-04-28Success1/1Signed my 1980 Sports Illustrated 

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