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Jonathan Toews      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 93%

Jonathan Toews
C/O Chicago Blackhawks
1901 West Madison St.
Chicago, IL 60612

Address success percentage: 93 %
Added by:quiet-things   Added on:   2009-06-23
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Thepatman19852017-10-06 Pending0/1Sent a 8x10 photo hope Toews signs it. 
peteyland2017-09-212017-10-05Failure0/3SASE, LOR returned all cards unsigned. They sent a postcard of him. 
airport19752017-05-062017-09-13Failure0/2Goodbye to hope 
zooiiks2017-03-222017-06-26Success1/1Signed my 8x10! Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10
Donhutson2017-03-11 Pending0/1sent 1 card 
skinsfan8322017-03-082017-06-26Success1/1Signed one 4x6 photo, thank you Mr. Toews! 
1908to2016RIP2017-03-04 Pending0/0LOR, SASE, and a 8x10 
totalnv2017-03-022017-04-21Success1/1SASE, LOR, 2010 Stanley Cup Champions puck - signed puck in silver sharpie
stokelydokely2017-02-102017-04-19Success1/1Sent LOR, SASE, and 2010 CTA ('L') congratulatory ad - signed under 'Cup'. Thanks Captain!
Bryan 11B2017-02-08 Pending0/1  
MPrzzy2017-02-032017-04-21Success1/3Signed one card in black. Great success from a great player 
JumpinJackSplash2016-12-062017-02-07Success1/2sent 2 same UD cards 2012-13 series , got 1 outa the 2 signed and shipped the other 1 back, i am happy and i ll take that from a future HOFamer 
nysportsxtra2016-11-14 Pending0/0  
Jkorr420842016-11-082017-01-21Success1/1Sent 1 card and a Handwritten letter. 
Goggy292016-10-31 Pending0/1  
tomassandy122016-10-292016-12-09Success1/3Sent a LOR, SASE and three cards// only got one back signed still a great success 
tctradingcompany2016-10-22 Pending0/1  
Atlantaman2016-10-052017-01-20Success1/1Signed in black 
ksmaccallum2016-08-172016-10-11Success2/2sent 2 pics, signed 1 but returned both 
Qturbtchn2016-04-182016-10-11Success2/2Signed one picture returned my other still a great return thank you 
Hobey212016-04-162016-05-02Success1/2INSTAGRAM: Nick_Hobey YOUTUBE: Nick Hobey 
kactusjakk2016-04-14 Pending0/2Sent LOR, SASE and 11x14 and jersey # 
chr53992016-03-022016-10-08Success1/2Signed one cards in black Sharpie... 2010 Upper Deck National Hockey Card Day... Nice success from one of today's best players. 
diback342016-02-282016-10-06Success1/2sent two base cards... signed my full force base, returned my upper deck base unsigned 
piratesfan12016-02-172016-04-30Success1/1Huge success thanks so much mr toews 
ccarver1382016-02-162016-04-30Success1/1Awesome success. Thanks captain! 
stlcrazy2016-02-01 Pending0/1sending a puck 
Grantblackhawks2015-08-152015-09-08Success1/1Received card back signed in black sharpie 
Mogilny892015-03-24 Pending0/3  
raywhite242015-01-232016-09-12Success1/1SI of him holding the Stanley cup 
Coltron572015-01-06 Pending0/1  
Gmbs822014-12-102016-06-15Success1/1puck sent 
mets862014-11-29 Pending0/1  
bigsportsfan12014-11-122016-07-01Success1/1Return Date is approximate. Signed my 8x10. Thanks Jonathan! 
redrocker98ta2014-10-252015-11-25Success1/1Signed my 8x10 of him holding the Stanley Cup in 2013 
raywhite242014-10-132016-02-05Success1/2Didn't sign the jersey card and signed in a black spot but still a nice surprise 
sorklora2014-10-082015-11-24Success1/1sent a Blackhawks puck and received it back and signed beautifully!! Thanks, Mr. Toews!! 
hollidaydoc22014-09-06 Pending0/1  
Mogilny892014-04-23 Pending0/1Sent Victory RC 
RheaumeForever2014-04-172014-09-04Success1/3Received all 3 cards back but only 1 signed. Thanks Jonathan! 
TTM4LIFE2014-04-10 Pending0/1card 
chefsanders2014-04-082015-02-02Success1/1Thanks Mr. Toews 
dawgbizkit832014-04-082014-11-01Success1/1McFarlane Base, signed with Blue sharpie, looks a little fake 
Gibber992013-12-312014-04-05Success1/1Sent 2012 Upper Deck / Awesome success in black sharpie 
NyjerMorgan772013-11-042014-04-04Success1/1Signed 1 Card! 
edmoiler132013-09-182014-04-04Success1/1signed 1-8x10 
goblackhawks1232013-09-172014-04-04Success1/3Sent 3 cards. Signed 1 of 3 in black sharpie. 
dcvdoes2013-08-192016-02-05Success1/6long wait but worth it 
CubsPackersOilers2013-02-092014-05-12Success1/1signed 8x10. 
redrocker98ta2013-01-222014-04-04Success1/1Signed my 8x10 in black sharpie, thanks Jonathan 
Mattsecre2012-05-05 Pending0/2Sent LOR, SASE, and 2 cards. 
ovechkin82012-04-212012-05-05Success1/1Awesome sig! Signed my 11-12 score. 
PorterMan202012-04-142012-05-04Success1/1signed my Goodwin card, super cool! 
Lapo00132012-03-162012-05-03Success1/1Sent 1 team canada jersey card. Wow got it back signed beautifully in black, thank you jonathon! 
reolsont162012-02-142012-05-04Success1/1Great Return For the Hawks Captain. 
redrocker98ta2011-12-312012-05-03Success2/2Signed both cards in black sharpie, thanks Jonathan 
kpenterprise2011-12-18 Pending0/2  
bigsportsfan12011-12-092012-05-02Success2/2Signed 2 cards, thank you very much Jonathan! 
credd862011-11-182011-12-19Success1/1Signed Team Canada 5x7
redrocker98ta2011-10-262011-12-08Success2/2Great return from captain serious, thanks Jonathan 
badgerboys22011-10-212011-12-12Success1/2signed a 2009 victory card in 49 days! thanks jonny! 
Oak2011-09-212011-10-14Success2/2Signed 2 RC. Very quick response 
Ryan46142011-06-152011-12-09Success1/1Signed my puck huge success. Ty mr toews 
tampacannon2011-02-222011-12-20Failure0/1lots of success...must have gotten lost in the mail! :( 
RyanRizz7152010-11-162015-02-05Failure0/1Safe to say it's a goner. 
Iced_Knuckle_Puck2010-08-122011-09-14Failure0/1After 1 year, I consider it a Failure 
jerseyman19922009-11-052010-01-05Success2/2Thanks Jonathan!!
tboculosis2009-10-232009-12-19Success1/1Received trading card back signed in black sharpie.
globalvoodoo2009-10-012009-12-10Success3/3Class Act!! Received all 3 cards signed. 
Ove8882009-08-01 Pending0/1still waiting??? 
blkdodge2009-07-302009-11-23Success1/1Signed 8x10 
Captngeetch2009-06-192009-07-27Success1/108-09 UD McDonalds #11 Signed in Black Sharpie 
Jonathan Toews
420 East Waterside Drive Unit 3910
Chicago, IL 60601

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:bryson120   Added on:   2014-08-11
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
bryson1202014-08-132016-02-10Success2/1sent one 2012-2013 Upper Deck base card and received it back today. I actually forgot about this but super cool autograph and smudged to make it look authentic! 
Jonathan Toews
1929 N Cleveland Ave
Chicago, IL 60614

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:cbtvideos   Added on:   2015-06-18
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
cbtvideos2015-06-18 Pending0/1Sent one 2009 Upper Deck Goodwin Champions trading card, letter, and SASE. 

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