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Henri Richard      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 94%

Henri Richard
4300 Place De Cageaux apt: 905
Laval, Qc H7W4Z3

Address success percentage: 94 %
Added by:habsmtl09   Added on:   2009-07-02
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
galvamega2016-09-222016-10-07Failure0/4RTS Moved 
casinojunkie132015-06-022015-06-16Failure0/4received a note saying due to poor health no longer signing but returned my cards 
antoineh92015-05-292015-06-15Failure0/2I received my cards unsigned with a letter that say henri is No more able to sign. 
MAL142015-04-132015-04-24Success5/4His hand is shaking right now. Still good signatures in blue sharpie! 
Ttm3212015-04-102015-04-20Success6/4Sent 4 cards and he signed them all and added two big cards 
cj64mlbtoronto2015-03-202015-03-30Success2/1Sent an index card, came back signed, and also a signed photo. 
blaker12015-03-032015-03-23Success2/1Signed my card this time and sent a postcard thanks Mr Richard!
DnJcards2014-10-06 Pending0/3Giving this another shot. 
blaker12014-07-082014-07-15Success3/1Sent 2 identical post cards signed but sent back my card unsigned. still great return. Thanks Henri! 
DnJcards2014-06-242014-07-16Failure0/2Received package back stating mr. Richard has moved.. apparently he is in a nursing home and they only forward some stuff to him to get signed. 
comfortably9numb2014-05-082014-05-28Success4/2signed both cards and put in two additional signed postcards. great return! 
Coltron572014-04-012014-04-28Success5/2Signed both photos I sent, plus 2 IC and added his own photo. 
JJCanucks882014-01-272014-02-10Success2/1sent back card signed and the cardstock sent to protect card. This is a sweet return from an NHL greatThanks a lot 
nutella2013-11-122013-11-26Pending4/2Sent two of his own post cards along with my two cards signed 
cheeversfan2013-10-212013-11-05Success4/3Signed 2 cards and a custom, also added a postcard of his own. Thanks Mr. Richard! 
coolbly162013-10-162013-10-31Success3/4Signed in ball point which is kinda blah, but still a great return from one of the best of all time. 
CubsPackersOilers2013-08-042013-08-23Success2/1Mr. Richard, the Pocket Rocket, signed my 4x6, and included a 3.5x5.5. Very great success. 
Team1062013-07-102013-07-22Success2/0Sent nothing, received two autographed pictures. 12 day turnaround 
bigsportsfan12013-06-172013-07-01Success3/2Signed 2 pictures and added a signed 4x6, thanks Henri! 
Sportfreund2013-05-212009-05-28Success3/2Signed a custom (I scanned the back as well, the one in the middle), an ITG card, and an extra post card. Happy to have a signed card from one of the best players ever.
Canadian-Grapher2013-04-292013-05-10Success6/5signed all 5 in ultra fine blue and added his own 3.5x5 photo. awesome return 
bears4life232013-03-272013-04-16Success3/1added two signed extras and signed my card too! put the HOF inscription on all 3 
grelafleur2013-03-162013-03-22Success6/4merci beaucoup M. Richard de votre générosité, Thank M. Richard. envoyez 4 cartes du centenaire et il m'a envoyé une petite carte molson et une photo 4x6 de lui avec la coupe stanley 
typierre752013-02-152013-02-19Success5/4very quick return and add a personal photo 
coyotemontcalm2013-01-032013-01-11Success4/2thanks Mr. Richard very fast return plus 2 of is own cards 
edmoiler132012-12-242013-01-08Success4/2signed both 8x10's plus threw in an extra signed photo and card 
antoine382012-08-242012-09-07Success5/2Signed both items added 3 more, Spectacular!
Marcus262012-07-152012-07-25Success5/3Signed my 3 items and added a signed card and picture. 10 day return. Merci M. Richard
mart21112012-05-302012-06-11Success5/1add 3 picture and 1 molson card thanks Mr Richard 
Bidchka2012-05-202012-06-01Success7/3Thank you Mr. Richard. Even added 4 extra items.
phillyboi902012-05-062012-05-24Success4/2great man 
ovechkin82012-03-232012-04-03Success3/1Fastest turnaround I ever had!😊 ttp:// 
mart21112012-02-282012-03-02Success4/1I send paper for signed i received 2 extra photo, molson card with my paper autographed THANKS HENRI 
willardcanada2012-02-062012-02-17Success3/1I sent a 5x7 photo, got it back plus 2 other cards signed. 
CONtroller20002012-01-122012-01-23Success2/1He sent back something extra. Thanks Henri. 
goaliegod332012-01-062012-01-19Success3/1Signed my card and then added his own Molson card plus a signed picture. Great Success 3/1
Oak2011-12-182012-01-11Success3/1Also included another card and a 4x6 photo. Class Act! 
pviens19792011-11-072011-11-16Success7/4sign my card and add two picture and 1 Molson Ex card 
kpenterprise2011-11-01 Pending0/4  
goesonclear2011-09-012011-09-15Success4/2Great return from the Pocket Rocket, much more than I had anticipated. Signed my custom and added a few other things.
grahamgill314502011-08-222011-08-31Success5/43/3 photos, index card plus postcard he sent 
NHLPlayers Ink.2011-08-182011-09-07Success2/1Signed 8X10 and included a Molson signed postcard. Great return! 
Canadian49erFan2011-07-202011-08-02Pending4/2Did not sign index, added signed Card & Photo aswell. 
silver2011-07-112011-07-22Success2/1Signed my puck and sent a signed flyer and another card. I included $5 U.S. to cover postage. 
doug882011-04-152011-04-30Success4/2added 2 cards 
gijoe_92011-03-022011-03-14Success5/3Signed my 3 cards and sent a signed card and postcard back 
goleafsgo72011-02-182011-02-28Success3/2Signed my H&P and Classic card. Included his own signed Molson Export card. Very quick turnaround!
bruphilo2011-01-272012-02-03Success6/3Signed my 3 customs and added 2 pics and 1 cards... really happy for my first TTM!!! 
polamalu43favre042010-12-202009-12-31Success4/2Signed both of my cards, added a signed Molson card and Signed 4x8 photo, he's an awesome signer! 
jmf423972010-08-252010-09-04Success4/1Signed my index. Added a custom index and 2 signed cards! Class act all the way!! 
JBobak2010-07-082010-07-15Success4/3Sent an extra signed photo! 
MNsportznut2010-07-012010-07-13Success3/1ic & he added 2 cards ! 
grandmastablank2010-05-312010-06-15Success2/1Personalized my 8 x 10 and sent an extra signed 8 x 10. Class act all the way!! 
Japold22010-03-192010-03-26Success6/2super include 2 more cards and 2 pic sign....ty M. Richard 
satellitejack2010-03-102010-03-15Success3/2First class! Signed my custom and a Parkhurst reprint and added his own signed hockey card. 
MasonRaymond03202010-01-272010-02-05Success5/3I sent 3 index cards. He sent my 3 index cards back, signed plus 2 of his own hockey cards! 
blkdodge2010-01-142010-02-01Success3/2Included his own signed 8x10 
RGM812009-12-062009-12-19Success3/1Amazing! Sent back the original card plus two others! 
YANish2009-11-272009-12-07Success2/1Fast return!!! And a bonus from M.Richard!! Nice succes
brodeur1fan2009-08-312009-09-14Success4/2Added two signed items 
blkdodge2009-07-272009-08-06Success2/1Signed my 8X10 and included a very nice one of his own.
habsmtl092009-06-292009-07-06Success8/7Mr. Richard added the Molson Ex card
jerseyman19922009-02-172009-02-24Success5/47 days - Didn't sign 1 photo, but included 2 signed postcards 
jerseyman19922007-06-182007-06-26Success4/28 days - Also added 2 signed postcards 
Henri Richard
1275, rue Saint-Antoine Ouest
Montreal, Quebec H3C5L2

Address success percentage: 100 %
Instruction:Add co/ club hockey canadiens
Added by:mart2111   Added on:   2012-04-26
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
mart21112012-02-272012-04-26Success4/2add 2 picture thanks 

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