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Darryl Sittler      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 100%

Darryl Sittler
18 Jedburgh Rd
Toronto, Ontario M5M 3J6

Address success percentage: 100 %
Added by:galvamega   Added on:   2009-08-01
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Darth Menace2017-09-132003-09-20Pending0/1Sent a 8x10 with SASE 
tomassandy122017-03-172017-06-09Success1/1one card// personalized; for pictures follow my instagram @ts.sports.memorabilia 
peteyland2017-02-062017-06-01Success1/2SASE, LOR sent 2 '90 proset cards, he didnt sign them but sent back a 2001 fleer card personalized to me with his # 
jakemccann2016-05-212016-06-07Success1/1Sent 70s style puck, SASE, Letter, and pen. Received puck with HOF inscription on it! 
YYCauddie2016-03-11 Pending0/1  
HockeyCards302016-02-082016-04-03Success5/55 4x6 
diback342016-02-012016-04-28Success1/1sent one base card.. Came back signed and personalized 
goblackhawks1232015-12-262016-01-20Success1/1Sent 1 card. Signed 1/1 in blue sharpie. 
PortRadelaide2015-12-032016-01-20Success1/2Signed my photo, but not the card. Thanks Mr. Sittler 
RyanJones282015-11-052016-01-20Success1/1Great signature on a sweet spot on the card where there was only white spot. personalized "To Ryan". great success! 
crbaughn622015-10-162016-01-21Success1/2personalized and sent other card back unsigned 
MisterWoolley2015-07-152015-07-30Success2/2I sent 3 cards and told him to keep 1 for himself or for another fan who doesn't own any of his cards. Pay it forward. He kept one for another fan. :) 
louiepalouie2015-04-222015-06-15Success1/1Provided $2 for postage back to the States. He didn't sign my 1990 Pro Set HOF card of himself because he said he doesn't sign his HOF cards. Instead, I got a signed 4x6 
Qturbtchn2015-02-192015-04-09Success1/2Signed one 5 X 7 thank you Mr Sittler 
steelboy162014-10-072015-01-21Success1/1Worth the wait, personalized as well 
leaffan2014-09-152014-10-15Success1/2sent two photos returned both with one signed 
MISSINGLINK2014-08-302014-10-14Success2/2I sent 2 70's cards in a penny sleeve. He signed 1 and kept 1 card and the sleeve. He replaced it with a modern Fleer card. Not a big deal but I'm sure he has all his old cards by now! 
cheeversfan2013-12-052013-12-16Success4/4Great auto! Personalized 2 cards and 2 customs! Thanks Darryl. 
Oak2013-12-012013-12-23Success1/1McFarlane Base 
23seancox2013-02-132013-03-06Success1/1Signed 72-73 OPC card, signed it to me 
antoine382013-01-082013-03-05Success1/1Signed Card, But Damaged 
Marcus262012-08-232013-03-08Success1/1Sent SASE and card. Recieved in a MLSE envelope my card (usigned) with a post it note saying 'I Do not sign this card.' He included a personalized/autographed picture. 198 days. Thanks Mr Sittler! 
Bidchka2012-05-102012-07-13Success1/2Thank you Mr. Sittler
silver2012-03-202012-04-25Success1/1Signed Maple Leafs puck, added jersey # and 'HOF 1989'. I included $5 US for return postage. Thank you Mr. Sittler! 
mart21112012-03-052012-04-20Success1/1Dont signed card add 5x7 picture 
pviens19792012-01-052012-02-08Success1/2sign the picture not the card 
Oak2012-01-022012-03-02Success1/3Returned the other two cards unsigned 
Marshall6582011-12-032011-12-19Success1/1Signed my 2011 Parkhurst Champions card 
cheeversfan2011-11-092011-12-14Success2/2Autographed and personalized a photo for a co-workers retirement present in blue sharpie. Thanks mr. Sittler.
Csarge82011-06-072011-08-19Success1/1Personalized to daughter.. 
Riggs2011-03-212011-05-18Success1/1Sent a card, came back unsigned, but did send a 5x7 picture back signed. came in an envelope marked from ' Maple Leafs sports entertainment group' also added a note with $2.00 to cover postage back to the states 
blkdodge2010-11-132011-02-11Success1/1Signed McFarlane base 
andregoleafs2010-08-092011-04-14Success1/2signed mcfarlane base 
ranks582009-09-212009-10-02Success1/1signed a CIC, personalized "to sam, all the best"...great success! 
Latko322009-08-142009-09-14Success1/1Mcfarlane base personalized and signed, thanks Mr. Sittler 
RyanJones281910-11-051911-01-01Pending0/1sent 1 card 

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