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Al MacInnis      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 95%

Al MacInnis
PO Box 66792
St. Louis, MO 63166

Address success percentage: 80 %
Added by:blkdodge   Added on:   2009-08-24
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
steelboy162015-07-012009-07-29Failure0/1RTS But got card back 
MrCardCollector972014-04-21 Pending0/3  
sensfan20102014-02-242014-03-18Success2/2should be c/o the blues 
bigsportsfan12011-11-152011-11-30Failure0/2Received my cards sent back unsigned, it came back in an envelope with a sticker saying send to the other address (c/o St. Louis Blues), So im sure it never got to him. I will try the other address. 
tesla932011-08-052011-09-08Success2/2Blue sharpie. 
goleafsgo72011-07-082011-09-21Success2/2MacInnis signed my 1991 Pro Set and 1991 Score in blue sharpie. Thanks Al! 
gijoe_92011-04-082011-05-11Success1/1Signed card I sent 
cfagent02011-02-222011-03-12Success1/1Cool success. 
blkdodge2010-11-082011-01-10Success1/1Signed McFarlane base 
Riggs2010-04-172010-04-28Success3/4sent 4, told him to keep what he wanted, he signed 3 for me.. very awesome!!! 
gobluesgo2009-11-05 Pending0/0  
billyu2009-10-042010-10-18Success2/22 cards signed in blue sharpie 
blkdodge2009-08-232009-09-04Success1/1Signed 8X10 
Al MacInnis
1401 Clark Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

Address success percentage: 98 %
Instruction:c/o the St. Louis Blues
Added by:blkdodge   Added on:   2010-03-03
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Cjohnson12212017-06-172017-07-13Success2/1Kept one of the cards sent and autographed one of them. 
Johnmc832017-06-122017-07-10Success3/3Signed 3/3 in 28 days nicely in blue sharpie. Thank you! 
AG11812017-05-112017-05-25Success3/3Sent LOR, SASE, three cards (UD 91-92 CC, UD 93-94, UD SPA 15-16); signed all three in blue Sharpie
BoSoxFan42352017-03-272017-04-06Success2/2Signed 2 cards in blue 
jimmyf212017-03-212017-04-07Success2/2mailed 2 cards and sase - received 2 cards signed in blue 
peteyland2017-03-032017-03-23Success9/9SASE, LOR, Sent 9, asked him to sign some and keep rest if he wanted, signed all 9 with jersery # 
petedah3at2017-02-132017-02-25Success2/1Sent one 5x7 photo of him with letter and sase received two cards back signed. great signature!
goodbyehalloween2017-02-072017-02-18Success2/2signed both in blue sharpie 
Jkorr420842017-01-232017-02-03Success2/2Sent 2 3x5 index cards he returned two cards signed. Check out my instagram at\ahuge_faulkncollector 
haynmay2017-01-102017-01-21Success1/111 days total, nice signature 
JumpinJackSplash2016-11-282016-12-30Success1/11 card sent , used estimated date sent out , classic HOF class , fabulous 
MoSicka2016-11-092016-12-05Pending0/0Sent three cards, got them all back signed in bright blue sharpie. Large signatures too. Thank you Mr. MacInnis 
Philly4Life2016-11-042016-11-12Success1/1Sent McFarlane base, LOR and SASE. Got it back signed in blue as asked. 
zooiiks2016-11-012016-11-12Success2/2Awesome! Didn't add HOF inscription as requested, but I don't care. Sent LOR, SASE and 2 8x10s
BillF2016-09-302016-09-30Pending0/02 4x6 2 cards 
jakemccann2016-03-312016-07-12Success2/2Send a Blues and Canada puck with paint pen, letter, and SASE. He returned the pucks signed with the paint pen! 
dneuner892016-02-262016-03-09Success1/1Sent 8x10, SASE, and request for HOF inscription. Returned signed as requested. 
dneuner892016-02-262016-03-09Success1/1Sent 8x10 with HOF request and SASE, returned as requested. 
Philly4Life2016-02-012016-02-06Success2/2Sent 2 pucks, LOR and SASE. Signed both pucks and returned sharpie. 
diback342016-01-262016-02-06Success1/1Sent one base card.. sent it back in case autographed 
ellwoodbandrules2015-12-302015-01-23Success3/3Three Cards Signed in Blue 
sorklora2015-11-092015-11-19Success1/1Sent one Blues puck and asked for HOF inscription. He signed it, but no iinscription..still an awesome return! 
galvamega2015-11-052015-11-24Success2/3Did not sign 91-92 Upper Deck All-Star card 
MISSINGLINK2015-10-252015-11-23Failure0/3Sent 3 to be signed and 3 for him to keep. All came back unsigned. I did send to him once about a year ago and I guess he keeps track? 
mazefan722015-08-242015-09-23Success5/5Signed an 8x10 photo, two 4x6 photos, a custom autograph card, and 91 topps.. TY Mr. MacInnis!! 
BSRice2015-08-102015-08-20Success3/2Signed my cards and included a signed card of his own
zachmorris2015-07-312015-08-20Success1/2Sent retirement banner. Signed on the number! Perfect! 
Fortune5002015-07-132015-08-20Success1/1Sent one puck and received signed! Got a bit worn off. Not quite sure how that happened 
Pauls19762015-06-022015-06-20Success1/1Sent LOR & SASE. Sent 1 card, rcvd back signed. One of my favorite returns! Thanks Mr McInnis! 
viper452015-03-272015-04-11Success3/3signed all 3 cards I sent in blue sharpie 
Cardsfan12092015-03-192015-04-03Success1/18x10 HOF 
benlee662015-03-162015-04-06Success2/22 tcs 
goblackhawks1232015-02-202015-03-02Success2/2Sent 2 cards. Signed 2/2 in blue sharpie. 
BLawson872015-02-052015-02-13Success1/1Sent 1 photo; returned signed 
Foss322014-12-122014-12-22Success1/1Sent 8x10 requested HOF inscription 
Gmbs822014-12-102014-12-22Success1/1puck sent
Blueline902014-10-022014-10-14Success2/2Great autograph 
jasonj2014-08-202014-09-02Success1/1Worked like a charm. 8x10 is in great condition. Autograph is in blue. Thanks Al MacInnis! 
coolbly162014-04-072014-04-18Success3/3Signed all three but didnt get the inscription 
CubsPackersOilers2014-03-302014-05-09Success1/1signed my 8x10, bent to hell, very damaged. postmarked april 3rd. must have gotten lost 
Marcus262014-02-102014-03-25Success3/333 Day Return. Really Happy to get this one! Thanks Mr MacInnis! 
galvamega2014-01-292014-02-18Success3/4Kept one. 
Coltron572014-01-072014-01-27Success3/4Sent 4 cards. 3 signed in blue. 
ChrisjoeNJD2014-01-022014-01-24Success2/21990 Topps and 1990 Bowman 
NotLou2013-12-312014-01-13Success4/7Signed 4 and kept the rest. Used a blue sharpie and added #2. Awesome return! 
sensfan20102013-11-182013-12-10Failure0/3theft?, empty envelope 
dravensdad102013-09-262013-10-11Success1/191 Score... HOF Success! 
Yanks2522013-09-242013-10-03Success3/3signed all 3 in blue sharpie. Nice success! 
DownGoesFrazier2013-07-232013-09-16Success1/1Signed a 91 O-Pee Chee. Thanks a bunch, Al!!! 
Ryanmillerfan302013-07-182013-09-16Success4/4Sweet return! 
Riggs2013-06-202013-07-05Success2/2awesome return, signed 2/2 8x10 
bayarea742013-06-192013-07-06Success1/1sent blues 8x10, signed nicely in black
antoine382013-05-072013-05-31Success3/2Signed 2 Cards, Great Signature 
edmoiler132012-12-202013-01-10Success2/2signed both 8x10's 
antoine382012-08-152012-08-29Success2/4Signed two cards, Nice
bluesfan762012-08-042012-08-24Success3/3Signed in Blue marker. TY Mr. MacInnis. 
tburton2012-06-12 Pending0/7Card, Letter and SASE 
Lapo00132012-06-042012-06-15Success1/1Sending a gu jersey card. Signed it beautifully in blue, what a class act! 
mart21112012-05-042012-05-22Success1/1Nice blue sharpie Thanks M.MacInnis 
fromcoasttopost2012-04-25 Pending0/4  
snartly2012-04-132012-05-03Success2/2Received both 8.5 x 11 pictures back. Thanks Al! 
woody782012-03-192012-04-06Success2/2Signed both cards sent in blue sharpie! Thanks Al, we appreicate it greatly! 
Lapo00132012-03-012012-03-14Success2/2Signed mcfarlane base and card in blue sharpie, thank you Al! 
ovechkin82012-02-09 Pending0/2  
redrocker98ta2012-01-092012-01-31Success2/2Signed 2 cards in blue sharpie thanks Al 
parkjimi2011-12-272012-01-09Success2/3Signed in Blue Sharpie, Quick Turnaround! Thank you Mr. MacInnis! 
Blargh2011-12-222012-02-03Success4/4Signed 4 of 4. Kept copies of the pic as offered. More pics here
bigsportsfan12011-12-012011-12-17Success2/2Signed both of my cards in blue sharpie. Thank you Al. 
Marshall6582011-10-072011-10-17Success1/1Signed my 94-95 Score 
mneiberg2011-07-142011-09-01Success4/4Signed 4/4 in blue sharpie. MN 
credd862011-05-242011-07-04Success2/2Signed 2 cards
mneiberg2011-02-212011-03-04Success2/5Signed 2 of the 5 I sent. Still a great return. MN 
lambeauleap872011-02-142011-02-22Success1/1Signed My Card In Blue Sharpie. 
mneiberg2011-01-242011-01-31Success4/5signed 4 of 5. Great return. MN 
blkdodge2010-03-032010-03-15Success2/2Signed 8x10's 
Al MacInnis
Al MacInnis 1401 Clark Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63103

Address success percentage: 100 %
Instruction:Sent 2 cards with letter, both returned signed w. blue sharpie
Added by:jwhiting360   Added on:   2015-01-14
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
bluesfan982015-11-022015-11-18Success2/2They Turned out GREAT! 
Al MacInnis
1132 Highland Pointe Dr.
St. Louis, MO 63131

Address success percentage: 0 %
Added by:delones24   Added on:   2016-03-31
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
delones242016-03-31 Pending0/6  

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