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Bobby Hull      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 96%

Bobby Hull
c/o Chicago Black Hawks / United Center
1901 W. Madison St
Chicago, IL 60612

Address success percentage: 96 %
Added by:MNsportznut   Added on:   2010-05-06
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
Darth Menace2017-09-14 Pending0/1Sent a 8x10 with SASE 
zooiiks2017-07-03 Pending0/1Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 
tomassandy122017-03-21 Pending0/1Sent a LOR, SASE and one card 
althib2017-01-13 Pending0/1Second time I try and I still cross my fingers... 
totalnv2016-12-20 Pending0/1SASE, LOR, retro Blackhawks puck 
Donhutson2016-12-112017-06-24Success3/3sent 3 cards and questions. Signed cards and answered questions 
gopherz992016-11-142017-06-24Success0/0Took a while, but got my jersey back with the inscriptions asked. Thanks Mr. Hull 
Baumans9162016-10-18 Pending0/2Sent 12-13 score and 05-06 ITG w SASE. 
zooiiks2016-10-112017-04-24Failure0/1RTS. Wants $25. Sent LOR, SASE and 8x10 
tctradingcompany2016-07-062016-09-29Success2/2Longer than usual, probably because of offseason 
TaylorStades2016-06-06 Pending0/3two 8x10's and a card 
Spoonercards2016-06-022016-10-11Success2/2Sent one card and one 4x6. Got both back signed in blue sharpie. Thanks Mr Hull!!! 
GoWarrior2016-06-02 Pending0/1sent one jersey 
Canadian-Grapher2016-04-182016-10-05Success5/5signed 5 cards in ultra fine sharpie ****Update*** These appear extremely shaky and forced. i do not believe they are signed by Bobby 
kodo2016-04-012016-10-10Failure0/2returned two 8 x 10 with a request for 25 dollars a picture , must not br signing 8 x 10 any more 
kodo2016-04-012016-10-07Failure0/2returned two 8 x 10 with a request for 25 dollars a picture , must not br signing 8 x 10 any more 
dawgbizkit832016-02-172016-09-29Success1/18x10 of Mr. Hull and I 
stlcrazy2016-02-01 Pending0/1sending a puck 
CurseReversed042016-02-012016-04-08Success1/11 puck. HOF inscription 
lifeofcards2016-01-07 Pending0/1  
HockeyCards302016-01-072016-04-14Success4/43 4x6 and one card 
PortRadelaide2015-12-112016-03-07Success3/3sent a pic, a puck and a card. AMAZING! thanks! 
RED BARON TX2015-12-09 Pending0/1Sent letter, 1 early 2000s insert and sase. 
IPAutos222015-12-05 Pending0/4Sending 4 Photos to Bobby Hull 
diback342015-11-242015-12-16Success2/2Sent a select base and shining star insert.. My first attempt At a legend... Return in penny sleeves and cases, with the painters tape over case.. Sick he took time to take care of the cards I sent him thanks!!! 
RED BARON TX2015-11-242016-02-29Success1/1Sent card, LOR and SASE. Came back signed beautifully.
mazefan722015-10-052015-12-10Success1/1Signed a fleer showcase,,TY! 
lh4augie2015-09-082015-10-13Success1/1Sending a Whalers puck- nice signature in silver sharpie with "golden Jet" inscription 
althib2015-09-082016-11-15Failure0/1No reply after more than a full year. I always write my return address on my envelope and include a SASE. 
zachmorris2015-08-042015-10-19Success2/2Sent 2 8x10 asking for inscriptions- Returned both signed with inscriptions exactly as asked for! 
TaylorStades2015-07-232015-10-21Success4/4Sent 2 8x10's and 2 cards. Signed all 4 with HHOF incriptions on both photos! Thank-you a ton Mr. Hull! 
kactusjakk2015-07-012015-10-19Success3/3Sent 11x14 and 2 8x10 with SASE and LOR - all 3 signed and he paid extra postage! 
Musicmaximus2015-07-012015-10-17Success2/2Thanks Mr. HULL! 
Ebys232015-05-292015-10-02Success3/2signed 2 index cards and sent extra card 
tahoe2015-05-152015-06-16Success2/2He was nice to put the puck in an ziplock bag Super happy for this one 
Philly4Life2015-05-112015-06-15Success1/2Sent a Blackhawks and a Whalers puck and asked for inscriptions. Got both back with inscriptions as asked!! Kept paint pen. 
rchurchward2015-04-192015-06-18Success1/1Sent original 11x14 pop art painting. Signed beautifully in silver paint pen with HOF 1983 and "Golden Jet". 
Gmbs822015-04-172015-06-15Success1/1puck sent 
Cubs142015-04-062015-06-10Success4/3Sent 2 jersey number customs and Blackhawks team card, received all signed plus an added card of his all inscripted of HOF 83 and The Golden Jet 
benlee662015-03-162015-04-03Success3/2sent two Brett Hull cards and an index card. Bobby traded me and sent two of his cards and the index card signed! Thx Bobby! 
mazefan722015-02-272015-04-25Success4/4Signed an 8x10, a 4x6, a custom auto card, and a puck... He paid additional for postage.TY 
Tex20052015-02-102015-04-03Success1/1Sent puck, LOR, SASE, sharpie. RCVD he switched my current puck to a classic but included inscriptions!
PG-532015-02-092015-04-02Success1/1The Golden Jet...simply awesome!
smokinsteve2015-01-232015-04-03Success1/1One of the best pucks I ever received. Class act!
copaantl982015-01-082015-02-06Success2/2Sent two cards and SASE. Signed both in blue. 
kactusjakk2014-12-202015-02-09Success3/3Sent a jersey number and 2 IC with SASE - all returned - number w/ 2 inscription and each IC with a different inscription. GREAT return. 
mikedmatthews2014-12-172015-02-07Success1/1sent puck w/ paint pen. did HOF on request, kept paint pen. 
thecrimedog162014-12-102015-02-13Success1/1Signed my 8x10 photo 
bryson1202014-11-262015-02-08Success1/1amazing sucess my best TTM yet thanks Mr. Hull!!!!! Got a "The Franchise" Panini card signed with HOF inscription!!!!!1 
BLawson872014-11-102014-12-17Success1/1Sent 1 puck; received signed in silver with HOF year inscribed! 
23jumpman2014-10-302014-12-17Success3/3signed 3 nicely in blue. 
gopherz222014-10-292014-12-19Success1/1Got ball back, now with him and Brett on one ball. Added inscriptions. Thanks Bobby. 
alf76242014-10-202014-11-06Success1/1Sent LOR, Black Hawks Puck & Sharpie. Got signed puck back, with requested inscriptions. Super quick return. Thanks Mr Hull!!! 
Calebssportscards2014-10-152014-11-03Success1/1signed vertically, but still nice success 
mikedmatthews2014-10-112014-11-03Success3/3couldn't be happier
robbob19842014-10-082014-11-05Success1/1Sent One Puck Sliver Sharpie SASE So Happy to get this back signed in Sliver Sharpie I sent and added his hof year
kcharlie2014-09-102014-11-06Success5/5signed all very nice in blue sharpie :) 
MISSINGLINK2014-08-122014-09-26Success4/4Thrilled to get these back! Signed in blue ink as requested. Bobby has always treated his fans better than any other player I know. 
garyjr332014-07-212014-09-21Success2/22 cards sent, 2 cards signed. Thank you to the Golden Jet! 
jasonj2014-07-18 Pending0/2  
Kmbtheone2014-06-27 Pending0/2  
DnJcards2014-06-242009-07-01Success4/32 customs, 1 8x10 added his own 8x10 
ktam122014-06-102014-09-20Success2/2Sent puck, card, LOR and SASE. Received today, asked for HoF inscription - received that plus 'The Golden Jet #9". Thank you!
ironsman582014-05-202014-09-20Success4/2sent 2 decoy cards to protect cards and he sign them with inscriptions of hof 83 and 61 cup champs
TTM4LIFE2014-04-10 Pending0/1card 
RealBrianD2014-04-05 Pending0/1sent LOR, puck, and a questions..will update 
walker0662014-04-012014-08-27Success1/1Signed The Golden Jet and HOF on my 8x10. Sweet! 
Coltron572014-03-032014-03-26Success7/33 4x6. Wow! 7 autos from the Golden Jet! Signed all 3 4x6 with HOF and 9 inscriptions, plus 2 w/ Golden Jet, and signed all 4 protection ICs with different inscriptions and numbers. 
teetime3542014-02-072014-04-22Success6/6Sent 3 cards and 3 index cards with blue sharpie. Received all six signed. Three cards were signed in blue sharpie. Three index cards signed in black ballpoint pen with different inscriptions. Returned the sharpie as requested. All appear to be real. 
Robextend2014-02-042014-03-27Success3/31970, 1971, 1979 Topps/Great success, thank you Mr. Hull. 
JJCanucks882014-01-272014-04-01Success2/2Sweet return from a true legend. Thanks Bobby 
CubsPackersOilers2014-01-032014-04-28Success1/1signed 8x10. 
Riggs2013-12-232014-01-24Success2/2signed 2 8x10's. 
ekendall2013-12-102014-01-25Success2/22 Index cards "HOF 83" and "The Golden Jet" inscriptions 
Mogilny892013-11-272014-01-24Success3/2Sent two cards and asked a question in my letter, asking who his fav player is. Responded "Brett Hull" and signed the letter too 
NotLou2013-11-222014-01-23Success13/13Insane return! Signed 8 cards and 5 index cards with tons of different inscriptions and personalizations for my kids and I! AWESOME! 
dravensdad102013-11-142014-01-23Success3/33 IC's all different inscriptions, no fee. Awesome return. 
coolbly162013-11-082014-01-24Success4/4Signed two cards an 8x10, and a 5x7 put the HOF on the pics. Awesome. Probably a 10 ten player of all-time 
Coltron572013-10-262013-11-18Success5/5Sent out 2 Fleer cards from the early 2000's, 2012 Score, and 2 IC. All signed nicely in blue. The cards in sharpie, the IC in ball point. 
DnJcards2013-09-252013-11-19Success3/2signed 2 custom cards and an index card
studdlypoohbear2013-09-162013-11-17Pending0/0Signed 2/3. Even wrote me a little note back. Great guy!!!! 
bayarea742013-07-072013-09-07Success1/1Sent Blackhawks 8x10, awesome! signed in blue, added HOF inscription, added cardboard so photo would not bend. TY Mr. Hull! 
planavaclav2013-06-28 Pending0/4  
Ryanmillerfan302013-05-242013-06-17Success5/5signed card and two index cards with "hhof '83" and the other two index cards "The Golden Jet" 
Marcus262013-05-082013-09-12Success11/11WOW... Told him he could keep some of the cards... Got them all back signed. Shocked!!! 127 Days! Thanks Mr Hull! 
typierre752013-02-272013-05-05Success2/2thank mr Hull !!! 
antoine382012-12-122013-02-19Success3/3Signed All 3, Very Nice
edmoiler132012-11-082012-12-10Success2/2signed both 8x10's 
dawgbizkit832012-10-222012-12-10Success1/1McFarlane Base with HOF Insc. 
cheeversfan2012-10-092012-12-17Success2/2Autographed a blackhawks crest and 4x6 custom. Great auto thanks Mr. Hull! 
comfortably9numb2012-05-302012-10-01Success1/1signed in blue sharpie 
mart21112012-05-052012-10-02Success2/2Verry nice return thanks Mr Hull 
redrocker98ta2012-03-272012-09-29Success2/2Signed both 8x10's in blue sharpie, added HOF 1983 and The Golden Jet, thanks Bobby!! 
Lapo00132012-03-032012-10-01Success1/1Sent a mcfarlane base. Amazing success, signed beautifully in blue with hof inscription! 
lizard-jd2012-02-042012-03-19Success1/1Signed my pic & added HOF 1983 - "the Golden Jet". 
Charlie Hustle2012-01-242012-05-19Success1/1awesome sig. so happy to have the jet's autograph. 
tonyt19572012-01-092012-05-18Success1/1topps card singed in blue sharpe 
parkjimi2011-12-112012-01-23Success1/1Perfect! Nice, clear, thin blue sharpie sign from one of the all-time greats! Thank you so much! 
bigbrownsfan2011-12-052012-01-23Success2/1Signed my 2011 O-Pee-Chee card plus the index card I put in the return envelope 
Marshall6582011-11-292012-01-23Success1/1Signed my 11-12 O-Pee-Chee 
tboculosis2011-11-192012-01-23Success2/2Received both of my trading cards back signed in blue sharpie. 
GoWarrior2011-11-172012-02-03Success2/2Sent two 8x10s. Signed both beautifully with jersey number, 'The Golden Jet' and HOF inscriptions which I didn't even ask for! Awesome success. 
GregArchibald2011-08-152011-10-03Success2/2Signed 2 custom 4x6 cards with # & HHOF year. Forgot I even sent them so a definite & pleasant surprise. 
gijoe_92011-04-082011-10-05Success2/2Signed both cards 
silver2011-03-282011-09-29Success2/2Signed puck with 'HOF 1983' and '#9', personalized and signed 8 x 10 w/ 'HOF 1983' and '#7'. Not sure why he wrote different jersey numbers. Thanks Mr. Hull! 
blkdodge2011-02-282011-09-30Success1/1Personalized 8x10 
CaptPantalones2011-02-112011-04-28Success1/1Puck complete with HOF 
garpike2011-01-032012-09-13Failure0/1Sent blank card 
jerseyman19922010-11-212011-02-19Success3/190 days - Also signed 2 IC's
Badgers162010-11-022010-12-08Success2/2Sent two 8x10s and received both back signed with HOF 1983. 
dawgbizkit832010-10-222011-02-15Success1/1UD Masterpiece card 
ranks582010-09-142010-10-12Success2/2beauty sigs...looks great, quick turnaround 
mneiberg2010-09-022010-10-07Success4/4Signed 8x10, Beckett backcover, Bee Hive 5x7 card and player card with H of F 1983 and #9 on each. 
Riggs2010-08-272010-10-06Success2/2Great signer, FAST turnaround for a HOFer.. 
RockiesFan332010-08-192010-10-07Success1/1Signed my custom.
mneiberg2010-05-102010-05-26Success5/5Signed an 8x10 and us together, a 4x6 of the same picture, and three player cards. MN 
MNsportznut2010-04-232010-05-06Success4/4the Golden Jet ! 2 cards & 2 ic 
bryson1202009-11-26 Pending0/0  

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