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Phil Esposito      Sport:      Hockey    Player success rate 85%

Phil Esposito
c/o Tampa Bay Lightning / ST. Pete Times Forum
401 Channelside Dr.
Tampa, FL 33602

Address success percentage: 79 %
Added by:MNsportznut   Added on:   2010-07-02
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
sorklora2016-01-192017-03-06Failure0/1Sent 1 puck and asked for inscription...Write off 
mrREALiTi2015-11-29 Pending0/1  
BLawson872015-01-21 Pending0/1Sent 1 puck 
kactusjakk2015-01-192016-08-18Failure0/2Sent LOR, SASE and 2 IC - write off 
goblackhawks1232014-11-28 Pending0/1Sent 1 card. 
edmoiler132013-02-082013-11-15Success1/1signed 1-8x10 
bigbrownsfan2013-01-282013-06-11Success1/1Signed my 1990 Pro Set card 
Riggs2012-12-102013-06-10Success1/1nice return 
sensfan20102012-06-152013-05-21Success1/1personalized, his own envelope and postage, returned my stamped envelope 
RJB0292011-12-162013-04-29Success2/2Phil signed 1 card out of 2 due to the volume of requests for autographs. I'm happy! Thank you Mr. Esposito! 
kpenterprise2011-12-01 Pending0/2  
Oak2011-09-212011-09-21Failure0/3Write Off. 
lizard-jd2011-09-112013-04-27Success1/1Personalized an 8x10 but took 19 months... 
silver2011-06-102011-08-18Success1/1Personalized and signed the Bruins puck I sent. Thank you Mr. Esposito! 
gijoe_92011-04-082011-09-09Success1/2Personalized one of the cards I sent 
Riggs2010-08-092011-07-18Success1/1Just under a year but who cares!!! Great success signed in thin blue sharpie.. very pleased. 
SparkyzSportz2010-07-262010-07-26Pending0/1Sent card 
MNsportznut2010-02-262010-07-02Success1/1WOW Espo ! personalized in blue sharpie. 
Phil Esposito
4003 West Tacon Street
Tampa, FL 33692

Address success percentage: 88 %
Added by:billyu   Added on:   2010-10-04
Reported Successes and Failures:
Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
jimmyf212017-08-10 Pending0/1mailed 1 card and sase - 
Hobey212016-01-14 Pending0/1Sent a card 
jasonj2015-11-012015-04-24Success1/1He actually signed my photo. Wow. Took about 150+ days. 
althib2015-10-192016-11-15Failure0/1No reply after more than a full year. I always write my return address on my envelope and include a SASE. 
mazefan722015-07-092015-08-15Success2/2Signed, and personalized a 4x6 photo, and a UD Black Diamond card..TY!!! 
CubsPackersOilers2015-01-302015-04-24Success1/1signed 8x10. 
Ryanmillerfan302014-09-22 Pending0/1  
MISSINGLINK2014-08-202015-04-23Failure0/1After an 8 month wait I got my card back with a bad rubber stamp 'signature'. Garbage. 
Coltron572014-03-132015-04-18Success1/11 4x6. Pretty sure it's a stamp. 
TideFanDan2014-02-122014-04-30Success1/1Thanks Mr. Esposito!!! 
DnJcards2013-11-232014-04-25Success1/3signed 1, returned 1 blank, kept 1. 
Coltron572013-11-062014-01-06Success1/1Sent 1 card. Signed in black w/ personalization and #7 inscription. 
jetsfan192013-08-292013-08-29Pending0/1sent nice card 
hockeyfan2212013-08-052013-10-30Success1/1Signed one custom card, personalized. Great return! 
Ryanmillerfan302013-08-052013-10-25Success1/1Signed and personalized
typierre752013-02-272013-06-13Success1/4signed 1 pictures !! thk Mr Esposito 
LGBuffalo2012-11-262012-12-10Success2/18x10 signed beautifully with HOF inscription. He included his own signed card too! Thanks! 
Oak2012-11-01 Pending0/3  
dawgbizkit832012-08-012013-04-27Success1/1Bruins McFarlane Base 
kutz742012-07-162013-07-13Success1/1PRO SET BASE CARD 
bluesfan762012-07-012013-05-16Success1/3Note enclosed - Only signs one item due to volume of fan mail 
dawgbizkit832012-06-012012-11-09Success1/1NYR McFarlane Base 
comfortably9numb2012-05-302012-11-08Success1/21/2, signed in black sharpie and personalized it out to me 
walker0662012-03-242012-03-31Success2/2Sent IC and 8x10. Got back 2 8x10 (one mine and one his) both personalized. Quick turnaround! 
RichSlyFox142012-02-11 Pending0/2  
cheeversfan2011-11-012011-12-01Success3/3Received a Drawing, card and McFarlane base signed in black Sharpee, HOF inscription, Thanks Espo!!
goleafsgo72011-07-272011-10-03Success1/1Esposito signed and personalized my 1991 Pro Set card "To Brendan" in blue sharpie. Thanks Phil! 
USMCNixox2011-07-092011-07-17Success1/1Super Fast Turnaround. 
billyu2010-10-03 Pending0/2  

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