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Lastest Reported Successes:
Submitted byPlayer‘s Namedate sentdate receivedResultratioCommentImage
jimmyf21Dave Snuggerud2017-03-142017-08-21Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
jimmyf21Eric Lindros2017-05-302017-08-21Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in blue 
walker066Bryan Trottier2017-08-122017-08-21Success1/1 Sent 8x10. Personalized in blue sharpie. Thanks! 
althibBrandon Prust2017-07-212017-08-21Success1/1 Successful take 2. My request has failed while he was playing in Vancouver, but it worked well this time. 
jimmyf21Mike Ramsey2017-08-122017-08-21Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in black 
Cjohnson1221Roberto Luongo2017-08-102017-08-21Success1/1 A true HOF signing. 
Johnmc83Eric Lindros2017-06-272017-08-20Success2/2 Signed 2/2 in blue sharpie. One of my favorite returns! Thank you! 
BaldonesRob Ray2017-07-142017-08-20Success1/1 Sent him one Fight Photo asked him to put his # of fights on it? Yes he even put the # of Fights down. 
jameswrjobe53Will Reedy2017-07-032017-08-19Success2/2 sent c/o brother 
jameswrjobe53Scott Reedy2017-07-032017-08-19Success2/2   
jimmyf21Rejean Lemelin2017-08-102017-08-19Success2/2 mailed 2 cards and sase - received 2 cards signed in blue 
jameswrjobe53Croix Evingson2017-07-062017-08-19Success2/2   
MadKingslayerIlya Bryzgalov2017-07-042017-08-18Success1/1   
jimmyf21Craig Janney2017-08-102017-08-18Success1/1 mailed 1 card and sase - received card signed in blue 
Rafeiro24Eric Lindros2017-01-032017-08-18Success2/2 2 Pre-Rookie Cards Both signed and Black worth the long wait great return from a Hof Thanks Mr. Lindros 
zooiiksGary Bettman2017-07-142017-08-18Success1/0 Received signed puck Sent LOR for signed puck
peteylandStephane Beauregard2017-07-282017-08-17Success5/5 SASE, LOR sent 90-91 UD, 90-91 Score USA, 90-91 Topps, 92-93 UD, 92-93 Proset. Signed all in blue sharpie with Jersey Number. 
peteylandPatrick Roy2017-07-282017-08-17Success1/0 SASE, LOR. The website said he would no longer receive cards for autographs but if you send a SASE they will send you a postcard of him autographed. 
peteylandGemel Smith2017-03-202017-08-17Success4/4 SASE, LOR. Sent 4 cards, 2 ygs and 2 jr OHL cards. Signed all in Silver sharpie and added jersey number to each. 
peteylandLes Binkley2017-08-042017-08-17Success7/6 SASE, LOR sent 3 4x6 pictures and 3 cards. He signed them all with black sharpie with jersey number. Also sent a personalized note to me. 
peteylandEric Lindros2017-01-032017-08-17Success3/3 SASE, LOR sent 4 cards - 97-98 UD, 93-94 McDonalds retro x 2. Signed all in black sharpie 
peteylandCraig Anderson2017-07-282017-08-17Success5/5 SASE, LOR, sent 5 cards 11-12 UD, 12-13 UD, 14-15 UD, 15-16 UD and 15-16 UD Porfolio. all signed in black sharpie with jersey number. 
capyprice31Aaron Ekblad2017-03-072017-08-15Success4/4 personalized one as requested 
Johnmc83Alexei Yashin2017-08-082017-08-14Success2/3 Signed 2/3 in 6 days! Fast turnaround. Thank you! 
MadKingslayerNiklas Backstrom (hockey goalie)2017-07-292017-08-14Success2/2   
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