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    I don't watch it. Don't get the whole vampire/werewolf/zombie thing at all.

    And alex, that's just flat out stupid. The Bible at least has good storytelling and very little jumping from tree to tree and playing piano or whatever the #@$& that skinny pale guy did in that god awful production.
    "Luckily for us both I am intellectually above immature shallowness."

    Baahahahahahahaha...oh, you were serious...

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    Quote Originally Posted by JustAlex View Post
    Actually, the walking dead zombies are not about brains either.

    They just want to devour anyone who is living.

    Their blood, guts, skin, anything.

    Furthermore, to address what Bill is saying.....he's complaining that people would rather watch Zombies than Jesus.

    Boo Hoo....

    Personally, I'd rather watch the Twilight movie series than anything dealing with religion.
    C'mon one in the history of since those movies came out has said that.

    And I watched the walking dead but recorded the bible so we will see if i get to it or not..

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    Quote Originally Posted by wickabee View Post
    i don't watch it. Don't get the whole vampire/werewolf/zombie thing at all.
    this. ^^^
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