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  1. Erniedust's Avatar
    You shouldn't have a problem moving that Trump auto. Good luck!
  2. Erniedust's Avatar
    Cool project. Good luck!
  3. Erniedust's Avatar
    Very cool. Congratulations!
  4. doniceage's Avatar
    Have any pictures to share?

  5. NatHon995's Avatar
    Went and had a great time, Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Tony Oliva, Luis Taint, Kevin Kiermair, Jake Odorizzi, Chris Archer, Ron Leflore, Jake Wood, Cookie Rojas, Bernie Carbo, Richie Scheinblum, Tony Hall, and the Women's league Peach's Dolly and Sue pearson. Great time and will be going next year. Any people living in the Florida should be going to this event.
  6. doniceage's Avatar
    that awesome event wish I lived closer. Thanks for sharing!

  7. NatHon995's Avatar
    The ticket are 125$ each. Always a good time, it put on by the Tampa bay Rays and can be found on their web Site in the Fan section. You get dinner and then a Signing session with all the inductees and players from the Rays. More show up than mentioned. Plus this year its Pete Rose. Need that one.
  8. scottkoz20's Avatar
    Do you have information on tickets? I will not be going, but incase someone else might have interest in going.