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  1. Back From The Dead?

    Last week I received two autographs in the mail from former Canuck players.

    One player was Paul Lawless, who played seven seasons in the NHL, his best with the Hartford Whalers where he scored 54 points in 60 games. He played briefly with the Canucks, donning the jersey for 13 games with the team. A quick signer, my TTM was returned after 23 days.

    The other player was Gene Sobchuk, who had the unfortanute mistake of being deemed "deceased" in the autograph
  2. Kronozio
  3. Ernie Laforce

    Today I received the dreaded letter today from the family of Ernie Laforce. I sent my TTM request to him in mid-September and unfortanutely he passed away on October 18th. While I never like receiving news from a family member that their loved one has passed away, I do appreciate them sending me a note back. I can pass on to other people the unfortanute news and spare the family from further receiving TTM requests.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Ernie Laforce - I don't blame
  4. Mr. Val Delory

    I received an autograph request back from a player who played during the 1948-1949 NHL season. His name is Val Delory, and not only did he sign a few of the custom (homemade) hockey cards I created, but he also wrote a full page letter back to me. It's players such as Mr. Delory that motivates me into collecting some of the older hockey players. Not only do they sign quickly, and love to receive mail, but they appreciate a collector and take the time out of their day to respond to some of the questions. ...