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  1. Not sure how many more trades I'll be makin' on SCF

    Don't get me wrong...I have no issues w/anyone here. It just seems nobody wants low-end JSYS. I don't have many, so I went EBAY route.
    When I get spare change, I'll snoop for some PC.

    As far as base stuff...I have a pending sale of 1570 cards(just awaiting $$).
    Majority of cards I have left are '90-'04.
    Any '05-present are dupes.

    I'll be patrolling boards for PC, but if there are certain players ur after, hit me up....never know.
  2. Kronozio
  3. Organizin' a 32-team league in '10

    ENTRY FEE: $12

    Money will go towards cash/prizes & reimbursement of league fees($89).

    To be played out according to NFL schedule.