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  1. patsgetgronked's Avatar
    Thanks for the tips!
  2. GeorgehenryCollec's Avatar
    These things always don't work out in your favor. I did that in a recent trade. The trader never sent and when I did a dispute. The Handler said well the guy doesn't want to do anything about it so we can't do anything about it. So even though I was in the right the dispute was not won and I was out cards.
  3. Pheebs888's Avatar
    Permission to use this in the next magazine please Duane?
  4. hobbyfan's Avatar
    Now, who would be doing the haterizing? It was a great game between Pittsburgh & Arizona. Two Super Bowls in 4 years will have people flashing back to the first Steeler dynasty, the days of Bradshaw, Lambert, Ham, Swann, et al. The names of course have changed, but the winning goes on.

    Trust me, people probably don't hate the Steelers as much as they do the Yankees, or even the Patriots.
  5. Jeremy_Falcons's Avatar
    Glad to see Santonio Holmes won Super Bowl MVP. I voted for him so if he will let me borrow that Cadillac, I'd appreciate it. ;)
  6. Lothar52's Avatar
    Congrats to the fear TOM BRADY
  7. ken griffey fan 2's Avatar
    Got a limas masteriece captered on canvas patch CC45 card. Want it?
  8. ken griffey fan 2's Avatar
    Not to be rude but I hope they lose nly because of that fluke sperbowl where my seahawks got robbed and beaten up badley! LOL J/K good luck. I don't think arizona can play that defense unless there pass game goes nuts! an holmeds does'nt show up!