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  1. 2010 florida gators draft class

    Hello All!

    I will be eagerly looking to add the following player's cards to our extensive GATOR personal collection 'PC'.

    Please let me know via pm if you have ANY cards of these NEW DRAFTEES!

    Cooper, Riley WR Eagles
    Cunningham, Jermaine DE Patriots
    Dunlap, Carlos DE Bengals
    Haden, Joe CB Browns
    Hernandez, Aaron TE Patriots
    Pouncey, Maurkice C Steelers
    Spikes, Brandon
  2. Kronozio
  3. Gators, Buckeyes, Browns!

    Some of you may have noticed 'Gators, Buckeyes, Browns!' posted below my user id.

    This is because I collect (to a lesser extent) both the (NCAA) Ohio State Buckeyes and (NFL) Cleveland Browns (mostly former players).

    I also Collect John Elway.

  4. Welcome!

    Hello, and Welcome to my 'Blog'.

    I am a collector and 'investor/speculator' in sports cards. Primarily football, but I also delve into baseball and basketball, with rare forays into hockey and racing.

    At the present time, my primary 'wants' are for Former University of Florida Gator Football players. I do not collect the other Florida teams/players - baseball, basketball, etc...

    There is a LONG list of Florida Football players that have made it to the NFL