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  1. mdclapps's Avatar
    I so agree. Kyle Busch is the worst driver. My favorites are Brad Keselowski and Dale Jr. Cousin Carl's cool, he has great cars,but here comes SuperDork to the rescue. Busch should choose one series to stay in, and just win there.
  2. J-man1's Avatar
    Where do you live it's fine in new jersey
  3. J-man1's Avatar
    I got some steals too
  4. Shayne1911's Avatar
    Dick Berggeren is so old he was around when the Dead Sea was getting sick --- That made me laugh.

    I like all the ones for Joey. Funny. And Kyle.. yeah you better not repeat those things here :)
  5. Shayne1911's Avatar
    gosh stephen... keep the "edited for contents" down. haha
  6. Shayne1911's Avatar
    He just had a bad day. It happens to every driver.
  7. race crazy's Avatar
    Puffins Ash!
  8. ashley832's Avatar
    Pretty animals. What kind of birds are those? I forgot.
  9. ashley832's Avatar
    HAHAH. :)
  10. quiet-things's Avatar
    They are all amazing pictures, I love them. Alaska is beautiful :)
  11. Shayne1911's Avatar
    hahaha. ruffle some feathers. that made me laugh.

    boo for beating denny :)
  12. ashley832's Avatar
    ^^Exactly what I was gonna say. lol
  13. Shayne1911's Avatar
    Very nice stephen! :)
  14. battingseventh's Avatar
    lol had a great time with your blog keep it up I'll be back to smile again
  15. ashley832's Avatar
    That pretty much summarizes eveeything about