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    Grades are in !

    2005-06 The Cup H.Lundqvist JSY AU 9.0
    2005-06 Ultimate Collection Henrik Lundqvist AU 9.0
    2005-06 Hot Prospects H.Lundqvist JSY AU 8.0
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    Here's a non-ebay pic....This badboy, as well as his Hot Prospects GU/AU RC and his Ultimate AU RC were sent to Beckett for grading on 5/22....tsent it USPS Priority Mail...they should have it by'll be a couple days before I get the email they it's been received and it's in queue. I elected for the 10 day service, so add another 10 Business days to that till I get the email with a link to the Final grades....Oh Boy ! lol
    anyway here's the pick...I had to hold it once before it gets encapsulated..yea, I know...weird right ?

  3. hossa18sens's Avatar
    and mine by 6 days lol Old Houng

    I found the site the same way. And my wife thought the same thing about the mailers lol
  4. ken griffey fan 2's Avatar
    I have a sports legends bill gadsbey mint auto if your interested I'll pull it out to find what it's ser n\#'D to/
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    My account is older than yours by one day