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  1. Steals Update 7

    Work has picked up and I haven't had the time to patrol Ebay as closely looking for deals. The few I got recently were busts and I broke even even though they were high-end cards.

    Orakpo: $4.50 dlvd - $12.98 = $8.48 (/25 gridiron gear rookie auto)
    Tebow: $26.94 dlvd - $42.99 = $16.05 (Black Friday Auto)
    Cowboys $26.95 dlvd - $52.99 = $26.04 (BOYS Aikman/Whote/Staubach/Meredith booklet from Playbook /49)
    Jacquizz $3.98 dlvd - $12.98 = 9.00 (R&S Logo patch /299) ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Steals Update 6

    November is over and it has been tough to keep up with ebay during this time of year.


    $2.64 valiant lot:

    I sold every card from the Valiant lot except the Kiel rookie. All of them were inserted into an ebay lot except the lindley which sold for a whopping $27.25 dlvd. I got roughly $2 a piece for the rest. Rough Total: $32.25 sold while keeping one for PC.

    $20.41 dlvd got me an earl campbell auto and tom brady goal post relic.
  4. Steals Update 5

    Work picked up in late August until now and I have not had time to troll around on ebay as much. I had a day off this week and picked up a few steals for Nov. Ended up breaking even last month on the Blackmon and cleared $125 on the Sanders with a $30 profit. After fees neither one was worth the time.

    My next sales:

    For $2.64 dlvd I picked up this lot:
    2012 Leaf Valiant Devon Still Green Auto
    2012 Leaf Valiant Zach Brown Green Auto
    2012 Leaf Valiant Jeff ...
  5. Steals Update 4

    Still sitting on the Barry Sanders Hall of Gold /10 Auto I got for $95 dlvd. Not looking like it was as good of a buy as I thought.

    I did score this lot for $4.49 dlvd:

    Kept 2 cards for PC and sold the rest as a lot for ...
  6. September Steals

    Got the Barry Sanders 2011 Gold Standard Hall of Gold Auto /10 and it looks amazing. I am tempted to keep it and sell my Sweet Spot Sanders, but we'll see. I am looking to get anywhere from $130-150.

    I put the 1994 Skybox Plaque in a lot on Ebay and just crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. It ends tomorrow and has 12 watchers. I need about $50 out of the lot to get my $25 back on it.

    Other recent Steals:

    2008 Marcus Allen Press Pass Legends Saturday ...
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