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The Fisk Factor

  1. My Most Recent Wish List:

    My Wish List

    Cool 90's inserts
    Low #'d cards/inserts/parallels auto'd or unauto'd
    Any Donruss Baseball Inserts
    Red refractors #'d to 5 or 25
    Gold refractors #'d/50
    Evan Longoria Autos
    Aroldis Chapman autos
    Yu Darvish 2009 blue ref and up
    Eric Hosmer Autos
    HOF Auto's/GU
    Curt Schilling Auto's/Patches
    Greg Maddux Auto
    Joe Mauer Auto
    2007 Sweet Spot Classic Patches
    2005 Sweet Spot Classic ...

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  2. Kronozio
  3. Sweet Pickups - Vintage Style - Possible Steals????

    I think I got me some great bargains here...would enjoy any and all feedback...

    $18.25 dlvd

    $7.48 dlvd

    $3.50 dlvd

    $20.52 dlvd - look closely at the card in the upper right corner of the ...
  4. Remember this guy????

    Whhhhatttt a bargain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a deeeeeall....this guy makes me want to throw up then swallow it just so I can throw it all back up again. he's TNA's announcer...which makes me even sicker!!
  5. Huge Mailday!!! 10 Bubble Mailers

    1. 08 Prime Cuts Timeline JSY w/ small piece patch Fisk #'d 5/35

    2. 08 UD Premier Carlton Fisk F-I-S-K Quad Jsy #/50 - shipped outside of top loader - huuuge corner ding <sigh>

    3. 08 Prime Cuts Ike Davis Auto #/249 - arrived between 2 top loaders taped together. Why will sellers open high end product to sell and not spend the extra dime for thick top loads??????Card is mint tho whew!

    4. 08 SPX Stephen Drew Auto for my new PC

    5. 08 Prime ...
  6. My favorite movie of all time

    Great quotes from the movie:

    1. Reggie Dunlop: What are you guys doing?
    Steve Hanson: Puttin' on the foil!
    Jeff Hanson: Every game!
    Jack Hanson: Yeah, you want some?

    3. Ned Braden: Now, they give you one phone call. See they book you, and then the give you one phone call.
    Jack Hanson: Call the ...

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