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  1. It's been a while...

    Been a few months since I posted here, life is pretty crazy with the two little boys. Oldest one is playing t-ball, the youngest is rowdy and demands constant attention. Still been buying cards and doing some trading but the collection is getting a little disorganized.

    I hit a MAJOR milestone in my USC collection. I now have over 10,000 different cards of USC football players. My collection includes over 600 autos and almost 700 GU cards. I have actually decided to take a little ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Collection Update

    So far my quest for some HOF baseball Autos has worked out pretty well. I am looking for bargains at this point as I test the waters and try to gauge how much some of them sell for. I am also focused on looking for cards that have good eye appeal (at least from my perspective). In the last few weeks I have picked up autos of Fergie Jenkins, Brooks Robinson, Jim Palmer (/10!), Monte Irvin, Frank Robinson, Gaylord Perry, Rollie Fingers, Jim Bunning and Gary Carter. You can check out scans in my ...
  4. It has been a while...

    I haven't posted in a few weeks as work and home life have gotten crazy. Have to cut somewhere and it wasn't card purchases or Facebook games (I may be addicted to Mafia Wars) so the blog suffered a little bit.

    Still been focusing my collection on McCovey, Lott and USC Football. Also working on the new Topps Football set. Just made a trade to get the last base card. Still need a few cheerleader cards (what a concept!), a few Topps Town cards and a bunch of Chicle inserts. Trying ...
  5. Collecting Update

    It has been a little while since I posted, I have been busy organizing my collection and trying to determine where my focus will be.

    First task was taking better care of my USC collection. I had most of the cards (with the exception of some of the very high end) in 3600 count boxes not protected with penny sleeves or top loaders. I have now gone through and put all GU/Auto/Printing Plates into top loaders. They are taking up way too much space but now they are much better protected. ...
  6. I need to get my collection more organized

    I was moving some cards around tonight and opened a box of cards that I hadn't touched in a couple years. Running my fingers across the top I noticed a Ryan Howard GU card. I was pretty excited so I sat down at the kitchen table and looked through the entire 660 ct box.

    I found the following:

    2006 Topps Chrome Jason Avant Auto
    2005 UD GU of:
    Randy Johnson (Yankees with pinstripe)
    Jake Peavy
    Ken Griffey Jr. (Reds with pinstripe)
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