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  1. Searching for 07-08 UD Black dual auto patches DPA-xx

    Hi guys, if you have any of these cards pls let me know.

    I also pre-ordered a case of Panini Gold, and 6 boxes of UD All-Time Greats for next month, so wish me luck!
  2. Kronozio
  3. Negative and Positive Variance

    Well, busted 4 boxes of NT09 and got only 1 really good card - a redemption no less of Percy Harvin, and a bunch of $20 cards. Unimpressive. No players I really like either.

    Busted 2 more boxes of TTT09 and got 2 1/1s.
  4. Variance is good and bad...

    Well, for the first time ever I got a good case from Upper Deck after loser cases of Black last year, 3 Ultimate, Chrono, and 2 Exquisite yielding ZERO great cards, zero MJs, Kobes, Russells, Birds, 1/1s, tonite it tilted back in my favor:

    Stockton 1/1 auto!
    Rose/Beasley dual to 25 auto,
    Beasley to 50 auto'd jersey piece,
    Russell/Elgin/West/Oscar to 1!

    So after 11 boxes, I have 5 'A' autos + the Stockton. I should have stopped after 9 boxes but you'd hate ...
  5. Variance

    Most people don't really understand the level of variance involved in a case or a single box from a print run of 500-1000 cases or more.

    I've bot 20 single boxes of UD NBA product in the past year: 3 MJs, LBJ/10 and Bird/Magic auto'd to 5 Black.

    I've bot 32 boxes in cases, and gotten the bare minimum and poor 'a' autos: 3 Durant, Magic, Erving, Garnett and one LBJ/Carmelo. Lowest one was # to 10.

    Not a single Kobe or Russell in the bunch. No 1/1s. So I'm ...
  6. First post

    I guess this is my blog. I like NBA cards - the card to the left is one I pulled out of a pack of Chrono, my first one actually. The next 12 I bot were pretty much awful.

    I also have a nice tri-patch auto'd 10 LBJ Ultimate Materials from last year in the PC. Those are probably my two best pulls so far.

    If you have Ultimate base or Chrono base cards from 2008 to trade pls lmk. Thanks.