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FL Henry

  1. The Post Office

    I completely understand that people are different. People can have a bad day. People have the same stress and demands on them that I have. As such, I try to give people the benefit of the doubt if, for whatever reason, I have a bad experience with them.


    I have been going to my local post office for over ten years and I never fail to be amazed how little interest the people working there seem to have in providing even a modicum of customer service. Don't get ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. 500 Envelopes

    I joined this forum over a year ago but after kind of looking around a bit I sort of faded away. About a week ago I stormed back with a vengeance. In the last week I've made about a 20 trades and I'm cruising.

    For whatever reason I felt the need to buy 500 bubble envelopes. Since I bought in bulk the price per envelope is actually very cheap - like 7 cents per envelope. In the back of my mind I feel like I now have this unspoken commitment to see how quickly I can burn through all ...