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  1. Memories

    Just wanting to share a few memories.....

    One of my buddies who played men's league (where I was a referee) on a rather fast and skilled team a few years back. When I first met him I had no idea who he was but his on ice skill was very apparent and you knew he had to have played somewhere before. Unfortunately he suffered a very serious leg fracture and hasn't been the same since. Kudos for getting a taste of the NHL in Minnesota to my friend George Servinis. Also stepping on the ice ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. Brick & Mortar Follow-up

    Well I have a few minutes of down time so I thought I would share the soap opera that is Upper Deck's Brick and Mortar program.

    In addition to the ongoing debate about how someone got product who shouldn't have had it comes this gem. A Smoker's Corner was deemed a Diamond Dealer and just saying that makes me laugh. Someone whose prime business is selling cancer causing smokes was given a Diamond Dealer status. How can that happen ?

    Just to paint this picture for ...
  4. 11-12 Victory

    So I busted a box of the new 11-12 UD Victory just to say I did it. Other then the fact the all of the pictures are from this past season and some players are still listed with teams they have left it isn't bad.

    I pulled the usual Victory Rookies and Inserts in every pack but to my surprise I found the MVP parallels to be quite nice. I got 2 black MVP Rookies and a host of MVP gold script cards.

    MVP Black Rookies
    Matt Frattin Maple Leafs
    Blake Geoffrion Predators ...

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  5. Honesty and Deception

    Well I think I've been rather nice for most of my blog entries but after a lengthy discussion with a customer of mine who was rather off at a flea market card hack I decided it is time to vent

    The cards in my store are always posted with the current Beckett pricing and without exception I don't mark them up. Cards that don't have a published price because of scarcity are priced based on comparisons with similar cards and thirty-five years of experience. PERIOD.
  6. PSA or Beckett Graded ???

    On a long weekend here in Canada, it isn't a stat holday just one of those 'we need a long weekend' things so I thought I would do some card shopping. I was looking for a Crosby YG RC to put in the store since I don't have one. I could have picked one up a couple of weeks ago for $200 but missed out because I was otherwise occupied.

    Anyway, I started looking for one of these cards and I noticed some interesting prices for a couple of graded rookies which started me thinking about the ...
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