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I don't understand some trader's !

This is my first blog and I have never written one. I encourage any and all comments. Here goes: I don't understand a lot of the people on this site. They complain that they can't get a trade and say something like "This is a trading site, right?" or "Doesn't anyone want to trade?" or "Why can't I get a trade?". Then when other people post on their threads that they want to trade and are interested in something they have they says, "sorry, nothing I need" or "Nothing I can use" because they are only looking for 1 or 2 of the hot players or only looking for a certain player or 2. If you only want to trade for one or two players post a thread stating WTTF whoever you are looking for then it wont waste peoples time if they don't have what/who you are looking for. People don't think that maybe they can't get the player/s they want but you can maybe make a trade for trade bait to get what you want from someone else. Also, people are posting base cards, rookies, inserts, & low end GU's and when you ask what they want for them they want only auto's or auto/GU's. In order to get something good you have to be willing to give something of equal value. Open yourself up to other trades and a wider range of players you are looking for and you will get more trades. Just because you can't get the exact card or player you want doesn't mean it's not worth trading. If you have a wider variety of cards for trade and are trading for you will get more trades. Bottom line is stop complaining that you can't get any trades when you are being impossible to trade with because you only want 1 thing or want something of much greater value than you are wanting to give for it!

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