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  1. JBpatches' $25 Weekly Hobby Box Breaks on a Budget Coming Soon!

    The price of Hobby boxes have gotten to be very expensive. We have a lot of younger members and other members who don't want to break the bank, spending hundreds or thousands of dollars, in order to open Hobby boxes.

    I came up with a fun and interesting concept: busting Hobby boxes on a budget. I will open one $25 (or under, shipping included) HOBBY box a week. I will post a recap of the break on my SCF blog, my Blogger blog also on my YouTube channel: ...

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  2. Kronozio
  3. Make sure to report FAKE cards on eBay!

    I'm getting pretty sick and tired of seeing guys selling fake autographs and patches on eBay. They are ruining the hobby and stealing people's hard earned money.

    We as a community need to stand up and stop this. I don't know if everyone reports these guys, but there are thousands of members here. We can make a difference and stop these crooks.

    We also can't rush to judgement on every sick patch card or autograph. There are lots of legit logo patches, tag patches, ...
  4. Current For Sale/For Trade List (With Prices)

    Below is everything I currently have FS/FT

    To see what I have for sale on eBay, click here: My Current eBay Auctions

    PayPal "payment owed" as payment. US shipping only.

    1-3 cards add $2.00 for shipping.
    4-10 cards add $2.50
    11-15 cards add $3.50

    All shipped out using PayPal shipping with DC/tracking in bubble mailers.

    Scans of cards can be found in my FS/FT Bucket, click here: My FS/FT Bucket

    Also ...

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  5. Current Want-List

    Current Want-List

    I don't PC doubles, but might be interested in "upgrading" if your card is nicer. To see all of my current PC cards, click here: My Current PC

    I am currently looking for:

    New York Mets
    Multi-Color Patch Autographs (No USA, College, Manufactured, Booklets, Printing Plate/White Whale or Lettermen) OR any interesting, rare or unique autographs of the following players:

    Agee, Tommie
    Alfonzo, ...

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