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  1. Some news

    11-12 Between The Pipes 10th Anniversay Jumbo Stick #AJS-01!!!
    Will be a very nice addition to my Barrasso PC in future!
    OUCH for my wallet if it's a 1/1 card!

    Bought some new Dominion /25 cards to my Barrasso PC and
    upgraded into a much better 11-12 Canada vs World World's Best Quad Gold /10!
    Some new Atomic/Titanium jerseys/patches also (color varitions)

    Very slow with new Johan Hedberg cards....

    ***BIG NEWS!!! BIGGIE NEWS!!!*** ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. About my PC 'nd thoughts

    This will be my very first blog ever in my lifetime!
    I actually despises the concept of blogs (becuase it's so many so called "bloggerskor" in my country who makes a huge profit of ripping from others at writing of falsehoods,
    I really pity about those readers who're stupid enough to read theirs crappy pseudoblogs and they still have the "stomach" of calling themselfs as "professional bloggers"!!!
    Really awfully sorry abut my small rant!