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  1. baylor1965's Avatar
    I've been collecting since I was a little boy and it is such a great hobby. Looking back at my collections of heroes past always give me a smile.
  2. eosik73910's Avatar
    what's your ebay username?
  3. RG3NFL's Avatar
    yeah, i believe he will do so!!! thanks for the comment!
  4. dusenole's Avatar
    Been on the Burfict bandwagon since he declared as a junior and actually wanted my Ravens to take him in the first round before he failed miserably at the NFL combine. Been able to purchase many of his cards for rather cheap during the season so hoping you and I are both right that he continues his path to stardom
  5. collector#1's Avatar
    I have a topps chrome refractor
  6. Stewman's Avatar
    Awesome that the Seahawks have improved that much! Now if my Browns could just follow suit.....
  7. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Sorry, should have been more clear, I mean for the future and how they'll be in a similar class as the likes of RG3, RW3 & Kaepernick.:winking0071:
  8. UK_wildcat77's Avatar
    How do we get cards of Bridgewater and Smith now?? Last I checked, PressPass & Sage had not been released.
  9. DwightWall122's Avatar
    They clearly showed that Pete Carroll called TO in the replay. I know the loss hurts but you have a lot to look forward to. Seahawks are a forced to be reckoned with for years to come!
  10. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Thanks man!
  11. supercamnewton1's Avatar
    I know you dont play prevent defense when they just need about 25-30 yards i enjoyed that post so true you were a good sportsman i wish that the seahawks won
  12. jaybird_1981's Avatar
    You aren't going to get banned for this all I am saying is you shouldn't believe everything you read on the internet.
  13. RG3NFL's Avatar
    [QUOTE=jaybird_1981;bt2405]Haiku did not run a huge scam on SCF. You should do some fact checking before you post stuff.[/QUOTE]

    el oh el
  14. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Um can you read what I said...? Honestly feel like you're always picking on me and making assumptions. I pretty much asked a question and posted a link to a discussion on it so seriously idk what your problem is, really getting annoying. I suppose I'll be banned for this too?
  15. jaybird_1981's Avatar
    Haiku did not run a huge scam on SCF. You should do some fact checking before you post stuff.
  16. tjmcb73's Avatar
    I agree w/teams, but not result...GO PACK!!!
  17. RG3NFL's Avatar
    wow…nice win hawks!
  18. RG3NFL's Avatar
    Seahawks only hope now is to keep hitting RG3..
  19. RG3NFL's Avatar
    yeah I know, that one was definatley a stretch, but ya it's crazy some are going for like 30 bucks when I believe he is the #2 wr in the NFL and is still pretty young at like 24 I believe?? anyway thanks for the comment
  20. nicktv08's Avatar
    I wouldn't consider AJ Green a "prospect".

    Hes already a No. 1 receiver on the Bengals and a pretty big name in football. "Prospect" doesn't really apply.

    I do agree with you though, that some of his autos are too cheap for how good the guy is.
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