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  1. Drive For Five

    Well, Canada's heart and determination has won out again for their fifth straight World Junior victory!!!!!

    They turned it up a notch starting with the games against the US, after being down 3 - 0 they roared back to win 7 - 4

    Then in the semis versus Russia they played a not so great game and a little luck scored to tie the game at 5 with 5.4 seconds left, then went on to beat Russia 2 - 0 in the shootout.....

    Then just moments the boys played ...
  2. First Blog

    Well I have decided that for my first blog on SCF I will tell the user community about myself, as boring as it may be

    My name is Jason Radmann and I am 38 years old..... I spend my time between my home town of Beaverton, ON (about 1 hour north of Toronto) and Oshawa, ON (about 1 hour east of Toronto).....

    I have been collecting hockey cards for about 30 years now and up until 2 years ago I was collecting anything hockey..... I then decided that the hobby ...