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A place for a little writing now and then.

  1. Updates and general comments!

    I must say I am really grateful to SCF. When I joined here in early 2005, I was hoping to just make a few deals here and there to get my basketball collection going again.

    However, it's become much more than that.

    I am fairly close to the 500 feedback goal now. The trading itself has been much more than I imagined - I started an Antoine Walker collection which is now very large, bigger than any personal collection I could have ever imagined myself obtaining previously ...
  2. Kronozio
  3. My card history, past and present

    I didn't think I would do one of these blog things - but as I read some other blogs recently, I thought of how fun it could be to write a little every now and then. I'll start my blog with my card history.

    It all began in 1992. My late brother rented this NES video game called Tecmo Super Bowl. I didn't know anything about football then, but once I saw and played that game, I was hooked. I soon learned the basics about football, memorized all the players and teams, and really ...

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