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  1. 090411

    I've been very sick for a while. It gave me a chance to think and reflect on everything in my life. Cardboard does not take a backseat. It's put in the garage. After all, it's only cardboard and it doesn't make me any less of a fan than one who collects.

    New car. New life. New beginning.
    Get your glutes (and the rest of you for that matter) out there and enjoy because you'll never know when it will end.

    Don't take life so seriously, you'll never get out of it
  2. Kronozio
  3. 012010

    40F, clear, breeze 15 mph W

    It's well into the new year right now. Hobbywise, I think I may have already overextended myself in a few othersite case breaks. Oh well, hope I get something good. I think I'd have to lay low for a while until I get my tax refund.

    This year I will probably be concentrating on the Bengals, specifically autographed items of Bernard Scott, Cedric Benson (in Bengals uniform only), Ken Anderson (who I have no idea why he is not already an HOFer), ...