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My Revival of this blog.

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We'll see how long this lasts, but since more people are looking at blogs now. I though I would post.

First to talk about. My collections, I collect Dustin Tokarski and Paul Bissonnette. And I have run into a couple of decisions when it comes to these collections.

1st, buying cards to keep up with the collection. Tokarski has new Panini rookie cards and will have a bunch of new cards this year. I can get them at a lower price, most of them. But my problem is coming in that should I buy the cards to keep up, or buy the ones I like and stay with those. I have done that, up until the new stuff is out.

2nd, buying items for Paul Bissonnette. Lets be honest, he doesn't have many cards that I don't have. I am going to just buy the last few eventually. But the new problem is, should I just buy some 08 09 product to pull Bissonnette. Or just keep trying to hunt them.

Now, my next topic. The different brands of cards. And this is my opinion.

I like it, I will buy it. Simple.
But personal opinion with design and authenticity and customer service.
Nothing beats ITG, they have a range of just patches and different great cards.

So. If you have any Paul Bissonnette, I'll take them. I want doubles, triples. Etc.