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RARE? Arod autographed upper deck card

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I have this 1998 upper deck Alex Rodriguez autographed card. On the back of the card it says; "you have recieved a limited edition SP authentic chirography card perconally autographed by Alex Rodriguez. This SP authentic trading card was sent to upper deck directly from Alex Rodriguez. This certificate expressly warrents the authenticity of the depicite athlete's signature. Enjoy your autographed card". I've searched for the value of this card and was unable to find it, I was just wondering if anyone could help me with the value of this card.


  1. 3RDMillSportscards's Avatar
    Can't find one that has sold recently but there was one that went unsold with 0 bids starting at $89.99 on December 15.

    Item# 300493565782
  2. hufjerr's Avatar
    Well the thing is that i think this one is pretty rare because it doesn't even have a list number on it.