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Amazing things that I have seen. Part 2.

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If a tree falls in the forrest, and no one was there to hear it, did it make a sound? If you read part one of this story you know that long ago in the process of being educated, I joined my high school baseball team. The fact that I lacked talent and ability did not detour my enthusiasm. One day our team was out on the field warming up before a game. It was early, the other team had not arrived as yet. School was still in class, so no spectators were at the field, only our team. It was batting practice and everyone was scattered all over the field chasing fly balls or playing catch. I was in left field goofing off with two of my pals when someone sent a very long fly ball over our heads. It was my turn to chase it down. The darn thing rolled all way to the fence. I joged way back and got it, turned, and looked at the infield. It looked six miles away. Oh me! I knew I did not have the arm to throw the ball back to the pitcher. I took about three steps toward the infield, and a player, who was standing in the shortstop position, looked at me and held his glove out to the side. He was a left handed pitcher and I thought it odd to have someone with a glove on his right hand at shortstop. Maybe if a right hander had been there what follows would not have happened. None the less he held his glove out and turned to face the batter. As I said, I had no arm, but I would try to get it to the shortstop anyhow. I gave it all I had. The ball arched through the air, I don't know how far, maybe 300 feet. I never threw a ball that far in my life, then it fell, right in to the shortstops glove!! No bounce just in on the fly. He was looking the other way, he never saw it. He looked in his glove, looked at me, and shook his head "no" I shook my head "yes". He turned around still shaking his head. I looked to my pals in the outfield. They were talking to each other. "Did you see that?" I ask. "See what?" They said. The ones in the infield were faceing the hitter, the hitter was looking at the pitcher, the pitcher was the coach. No other team, no spectators, no one saw this but me! I have told this story to people, but they didn't belive me, I don't believe me, and I know it's true. Well I know the answer to the question about the tree. This tree fell right in the middle of everyone and no one knew it. That tree in the forrest, I say it never made a sound.


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