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I recently made a trade at a local card shop for a 02-03 SPx Tayshaun Prince au/jsy /1999 which books for $20 and a 93-94 Finest Mashburn bv $5. The shop had the Prince marked for $45, so I assumed that was the approximate bv. I am a UK fan and despise UL so I gave him the following:
09-10 Classics Earl Clark Timeless Threads Prime /25
09-10 R&S Earl Clark Team Patch au
07 SPx Amobi Okoye rookie au /199
(2) 07 SPx Michael Bush Winning Materials rookie gu

I know I got shafted and I realize that card shops have to make a profit, but I am a bit of a novice at trading, so in your opinion, did I get shafted bad enough to never go back to this shop or should I just feel good about what I got? thanks

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